Make This Lockdown Your Detox Time


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Cut back on your social media intake. 

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Let there be a new post you haven’t caught up on, a trend unexplored. It is okay for you to really take a break, cut back from the world and chill out. 

Humour takes you a long way

Group of cheerful young multiracial ladies laughing and dancing with beer bottles in hands during summer party on rooftop on sunny day

It is a daunting challenge to sit at home and not stress about what the situation will be once all of this is over. Well, what is the best medicine? Laughter. Indulge in comedy as heavily as you can, and kick off the stress socks!!

Check-in on people (without dropping by ofc)

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It is easy to fall back and spiral into a circle of self-pity in times of stress, being caught up in your tensions and worries. Use this time to brush up on your empathy or catch up with people while your sedentary life is on vacation. 

Appreciate the unseen soldiers

Man in Black Dress Shirt Holding Brown Folder

While you are protected inside the four walls of your homes, some people are out there helping you stay equipped with food and supplies to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Take a moment to appreciate the delivery man, the mailman, or the newspaper boy with a ‘thank you and a small tip. 

Find that line between laying and being lazy

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When you are running crazy on normal days, meeting the targets of your corporate lifestyle, you tend to forget what more life has to offer. Life is not synonymous with work. Reconnect with your old hobbies and passions, and learn to balance work and life. 

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