10 Best Inspirational And Motivational YouTube Channels

10 Best Inspirational And Motivational YouTube Channels To Get You Through Messy Days

From Malama Life, who lives the slow life and describes it to us in her soft, melodious voice, to Lemon, whose playlists will make you want to be a better version of yourself, these channels feel like warm hugs after a terrible day, week or month. Add these 10 best inspirational and motivational YouTube Channels in 2022 to your collection.

Sometimes we all crave a safe, warm place we can crawl into – especially after a long, hard day or when things just aren’t going right. These safe spaces can be a corner in your house, a person, a feel-good movie, or a different place altogether. Here we have put together 10 best inspirational and motivational YouTube Channels of 2022 that can be the next safe place that you can keep coming back to for more.

10 Best Inspirational And Motivational YouTube Channels

Malama Life

Malama Life YouTube Channel

With the tagline – slow down, live intentionally – Malama Life gives us a healing dose of happiness every Tuesday. She swears by minimalism and the mental peace of living with less. Each of her videos has a calming aura that will make your day’s tiredness and chaos melt away. Her soul-enriching content is all you need to fall back in love with life and hope for the better. For some of you, a minimalistic life may not be all that appealing, and that is okay! The calmness of Malama Life has something for everybody.


Puuung YouTube

Love is in the small things – and Puuung will teach you that. With soothing sounds and award-worthy animations, Puuung says much without saying anything. This channel uses a fictional boy and a girl who go about their daily life and take care of each other – enjoying the little things that life has to offer, such as watching the night sky through the window or having a little picnic in the park on a warm, breezy afternoon. Puuung is a South Korean artist who continues to win hearts by bringing our attention back to the little things we easily overlook in our daily lives.

Rowena Tsai

Rowena Tsai - YouTube

You are just going to fall in love with the way she warmly calls you a sweet potato. Rowena Tsai is a lifestyle channel that is especially great for young adults looking to get their lives together and make the best out of their low points. She has some amazing practical ways to un-potato your life and go from a stressed and uninspired individual to a fulfilled and energized one. Rowena Tsai feels like an affectionate elder sister who holds on to your finger and leads you in the right direction.

Wajid Shaikh

Wajid Shaikh - YouTube

It is a fact that the best YouTube channels out there are highly underrated – and maybe it is for the best. Wajid Shaikh is simply a gem if you are a fan of Urdu poetries and shayaris. You will absolutely love the genuineness in his words and the warmth in his voice. With this channel, you will find comfort in his story of separation, heartbreak, and continuing to love the other person with every broken piece of you that is remaining. Words cannot do just to the beauty of his art – it can only be felt firsthand.

The Sherry Formula

The Sherry Formula - YouTube

Looking for a calm place on a cozy afternoon to finish the work you procrastinate? Just plug into The Sherry Formula! She uses a special Pomodoro technique to study and work with you and help you finish what you started. This technique uses 25 minutes focused working sessions with 5 minutes of break before moving on to the next session. The Sherry Formula uses calming audios on her channel that help increases concentration and plug out the daily chaos of life. It is a perfect channel for the days you want to calm your mind and get some work done.

Chill With Tams

chill with taiki - YouTube

Chill With Tams is exactly how it sounds – chilling with tams. We all know about the healing and soothing power of journaling – and if you don’t, well, you can watch and learn here! Tams uses many stickers, pictures, sketch pens, and aesthetics to take you on her journaling journey – which is just highly soothing to watch. This channel is perfect for all the BTS fans out there; please visit her channel to know exactly what we are talking about. And who knows, you might even get interested in journaling – which is sometimes the best way to streamline your thoughts and calm your mind.

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty YouTube

A beautiful soul, Jay Shetty inspires and motivates with each of his videos. This channel can be a savior for the days when you feel too overwhelmed to do anything else. Just plug in Jay Shetty and experience feeling better with his every word that falls like a blessing to the ears. With new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – you will never be short of content. His videos discuss everyday problems and the practical ways to get out of the mess that just seems to grow with passing the time. Whether you find it hard to let go in life or feel burnt out, Jay Shetty is your man.


Lavendaire - YouTube

Lavendaire lives by the tagline – life is an art; make it your masterpiece. Interesting? Her videos are too. She gives us a little peak into her daily life and what she does to make it feel a little less burden and much more joyful. She has everything from developing small habits that can ultimately change your life to telling you all about house plants. And in some videos, you will love her little dog more than you love her. So, click on her channel, and surely you will find something that clicks with you.


Lemon is a mood booster with playlists that cater to your every mood. Whether making your morning coffee or just imagining your Parisian life – Lemon will become your next favorite channel. The songs here will motivate you to be the best version of yourself and be okay on your own – even if you have no one to share it with and depend upon. The prettiest display pictures, the thin heartbeat line on the side, aesthetic pastel backgrounds, and of course, the music will leave you feeling better than you previously did.

Ronnie and Barty

Ronnie and Barty

Sometimes you feel like leaving everything behind and taking a huge leap of faith to shift to the mountains and lead a peaceful life there. This is exactly what Ronnie and Barty did! This couple left the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and are now leading the calming mountain life in Manali. Moreover, they shoot these amazing videos of them cooking, singing, hiking, and farming, and the list is endless. Important point these guys will enrich your soul with their content and maybe even convince you to move there with them!



The last one on the list! Doobydobap – a Korean YouTuber who got famous through her Tik Tok recipe videos. There is nothing especially new about her channel, but somehow her videos feel like a warm blanket you wrap around yourself after a long, hard day. Her YouTube is like a visual diary of her life where we see her routine, vulnerabilities, and simple recipes, all topped off with a touch of humor without even using words. All in all, it is comfortable at its best.

What are your favorite and best inspirational and motivational YouTube Channels of 2022? Let us know in the comments. 

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