How To Live Happy In Life Sustainably | 8 Ways

How To Live Happy In Life Sustainably

From the food you eat to the car you drive, every choice you make in your day-to-day life affects the environment. Bringing small changes to your lifestyle can reduce your impact on the environment. Living sustainably doesn’t mean you give up all the luxuries, but to use them responsibly. We don’t want our future generations to live in hardship because of us, do we?

So here’re a few ways that’ll tell how to live happy in life sustainably.

Change the Lights in Your House

How To Live Happy In Life Sustainably

For the upcoming year, change all the CFL bulbs with LED bulbs. They’re eco-friendly and will also bring down your energy bills.

Choose Public Transport

Instead of driving your car or bike to your work, school, or college, try using public transport once in a while. Once a week is a good way to start. You’ll meet new people. And it’ll improve your social skills too.

Carpooling your way to work is another good option too. It’s pocket-friendly and good for the environment.

Donate Unused Items

Instead of throwing them away, you can donate your old clothes and other household items to charity groups. There are people out there who would be grateful for this little act of kindness. Just run a google search for charity groups in your area and you’ll know what to do.

Buy Local Products

When you buy a local product, you’re not only helping a small business but cutting down the carbon emissions for the transportation of products from the outside. So next time you go grocery shopping, don’t just look for the big brands.

Unplug Devices When Not in Use

Your electronic gadgets keep on drawing power even when they’re off. So unplugging them before you go to bed or whenever they’re not in use will reduce energy usage. Although you might not notice it, it’ll reduce your monthly bill too.

Choose Green Energy

The government is offering huge subsidies if you plan to switch to solar energy. And solar energy is clean for the environment. Whereas, the traditional electricity that reaches your home is produced at the cost of burning tons of fossil fuels. This increases your carbon footprint substantially. Consult a local solar panel installation company and choose a plan that fits your purpose.

Say No to Plastic

Here’re some crazy facts about plastic pollution: when you finish reading this slide, over 1 million plastic bags would’ve been used worldwide. When you finish reading this post, more than 2 million plastic bottles would’ve been bought around the world.

Do you know the average time for which a plastic bag is used?  Just 12 minutes. In 12 minutes it ends up in the river and oceans, where it harms the sea creatures.

Be sensible and reduce the usage of single-use plastic as much as possible. Carry a paper or cloth bag with you when you go shopping. Keep a metal spoon in your bag or car. Replace plastic containers with steel ones. And throw plastic wastes in bins marked with a RECYCLE sign.

Save Water

  • Reinstall leaking taps.
  • Spend less time showering. Maybe reduce it by a minute. That’s good for a start.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Harvest rainwater if possible. 

What would you be doing this year to reduce your impact on the environment? Mention in the comment. 

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