Things That Bridgerton On Netflix Got Wrong

Things That Bridgerton On Netflix Got Wrong

Bridgerton is a period drama and has been one of Netflix’s highest-grossing series. The show can be called a romanticization of the Regency Period in England. While some of the show’s elements may be true, a lot of it relies on fictional understanding.

Both seasons of Bridgerton took over the trending page shortly after their release. A light-hearted period piece that incorporates people of color in a not traumatic way can’t always be historically accurate. So here are some instances when the series had inaccuracies in its story.

Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte Bridgerton

The Regency Period translates to the reign of the Regent, which meant George IV and his accession to the one due to his father’s illness. The show instead chose to show Queen Charlotte as the voice of the monarchy and makes her the central Royal.

People of Colour


Bridgerton is praised for being one of the first shows with POC playing non-traditional roles in a historical drama. Rarely were POC part of high English society, and they usually occupied the roles of merchants, enslaved people, servants, etc. Though, Queen Charlotte is often called the first noble with mixed heritage.



The details on the dresses of Bridgerton have caught all our attention, but many of the details of the dresses have been skewed from what was actually produced. Glitter is one such material. Though used in Daphne’s dresses, it was first manufactured for commercial use in the 20th century, not the Regency Period.

White Wedding

The white wedding dress had not gained popularity during the Regency Period. Nobles were interested in extravagance and wore heavy embroidery and fur to showcase their pompous social status.

Bridgerton outfits: Corsets


Women are shown wearing intricate corsets, but the higher aristocracy women were seen sporting short stays instead during this period.

Dress Patterns


The dresses and jewelry sported by Kate Sharma too Edwina Sharma have a unique charm. This charm is thanks to the incorporation of Indian aesthetics and handiwork. It would be impossible to find dresses like these during the Regency Era.

Gossip Sheets


Gossip columns and scandal papers like Lady Whistledown did exist, but laws could check them. In reality, the people being gossiped about would never be explicitly named and pointed out.

Reason behind inaccuracy

Julia Quinn, the author of the series, has admitted that this series isn’t about historical accuracy to her. She wanted a period piece in which people from the 21st century could find themselves and enjoy a light-hearted romance. This is why elements of fun and enjoyment have replaced accuracy.

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