Debunking the myths about gender identity


Here are the answers to your queries.

Bisexual means you can only be attracted to 2 genders, True or False?


FALSE: There’s a misconception that bisexual attraction is restricted to the gender binary. Just as October isn’t the eighth month, bisexual people are attracted to people of multiple gender identities, whether it’s two or three, or more, as indicated in the Merriam-Webster as of 2019. 


A straight person can be attracted to somebody of the same sex, True or False?


TRUE! Sexuality is fluid, guys! Most straight women have found themselves aroused by/ attracted to women at some point. Fleeting attraction and even crushes do not determine your sexuality- because, in the end, it’s about how YOU choose to label yourself, if at all!


Same-sex marriages are allowed in India, True or False?


FALSE: Section 377 was decriminalized in 2018- but all that does is give the gay community the right to exist, NOT marry or adopt.


I’m a straight guy, and I find a trans woman attractive. Does that make me gay/bi? Yes or No?


NO: Trans women are REAL women, and these sorts of claims are incredibly damaging to their identities. While trans women have different lived realities compared to cis-women, it is transphobic to exclude them from the gender category of women. 


Image:, Submitted by Utshaa Basu

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