8 Interesting Indian Tech Blogs That Talk About The Latest Technology

10 Interesting Indian Tech Blogs That Talk About The Latest Technology

Are you a tech buff? Are you looking for tech blogs about technical innovations and the latest updates? Well, we have got you covered. Technology is updating fast and at a dynamic pace, and it is becoming difficult to keep up, so the next obvious question is how? Find your niche, and look for blogs about technology that caters to your niche.

If you are new here, you will find a plethora of tech blogs that are super helpful. Following these technical bloggers will give you an insight into new ideas, the latest gadgets, and so on. Here we have mentioned some blogs about technology that you can look forward to.

8 Interesting Indian Tech Blogs That Talk About The Latest Technology

Labnol by Amit Agarwal

Interesting Indian Tech Blogs: Labnol by Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is a technical blogger who graduated from IIT Roorkee and has a computer science degree. He has written columns for magazines like The Outlook, and Financial Express, in addition to being a technical blogger. His creation – Labnol, is an incredible tech blog that discusses technology – from “how-to” guides that helps you figure out shortcuts to life-saving internet hacks. If you are looking for easy guides, this is quite perfect. You don’t even have to be pro with technology to use this. 

Nextbigwhat by Ashish Sinha

Interesting Indian Tech Blogs: Nextbigwhat by Ashish Sinha

An alumnus of IIT Roorkee and IIM, Sinha has worked in various companies like Yahoo and IBM and has managed to create a blog to provide people with technological knowledge like the latest tech update and cool gadgets, a place to openly discuss technology. You can find guides, tips, hacks, and some news on his tech blog.

Originally started by the Tech Blogger Lasya K in 2015, the rights for this blog were sold to a group of writers who were passionate about tech blogs that talk about tech. This website is a haven for people who want to find out about the latest innovations in technology, fun (and useful) tricks and hacks, and reviews that might help you. 

Gadgets 360

Interesting Indian Tech Blogs: Gadgets 360

Gadgets 360 is an NDTV venture that categorizes and presents to you a plethora of info about the tech world. You learn about the latest updates, popular gadgets, cool inventions worldwide, and much more. If you have just started to get interested in blogs about tech, this is the perfect platform to help you figure out your niche and get more indulged in the areas of your choice. Technology is dynamic, and since this is primarily a new platform, you can access some of the latest info on this tech blog.

SEOtechy by Nisha Pandey

A lot of women have to take a break from their motherhood. Pandey, an SEO expert by profession, became a technical blogger during this phase and made SEOtechy – a go-to website for any SEO-related blogs. You can find numerous blogs about tech as well as hacks that will help you write SEO-driven material. Her blogs are written in a way that it becomes easy to articulate and engage at the same time.

Guiding tech by Abhijeet Mukherjee

Interesting Indian Tech Blogs: Guiding tech by Abhijeet Mukherjee

Mukherjee is a Tech Geek, and his blog is nothing but an impression of that. You can find super important guides, tips, hacks, and reviews of different software and operating systems. These tech blogs help you filter the crowd of apps and software available today. The best part is that these people understand you don’t have time – basically, they have everything diversified and categorized, so it is automatically easy to look for what you want. One of the most popular blogs on tech, this has over 2 million visitors per month.

The Creative Dev by Bhumi Shah

Interesting Indian Tech Blogs: The Creative Dev by Bhumi Shah

Bhumi Shah created this blog to share ideas based on programming and coding. A programmer, she provides insight into the world of coding through her blog. If you are looking for programming solutions, different obstacles, or simply cool stuff about coding, you know where to go.


Interesting Indian Tech Blogs: Beebom

Lastly, if you are just interested in the current tech news, or latest updates, cool gadgets, and want to use your devices in an optimum way, Beebom has got numerous blogs on the technology that will allow you to do all of these while being well informed about all the related innovations and the “hottest news” in the market.

Which tech blogs do you visit often? Let us know in the comments.

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