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Din kuch aise guzarta hai koi, jaise ehsaan utarta hai koi

Dil mei kuch yun sambhalta hun gham, jaise zavar sambhalta hai koi

Aaina dekh kar tasalli hui, humko is ghar mein jaanta hai koi. 

Gulzar – a name synonymous with soul-stirring poetry, piercing deep lines, and tear-jerking emotions – is one of the greatest Urdu Shayari legends of all times. He was born in 1936 as Sampooran Singh in the Jhelum district (now in Pakistan), and his family was forced to move to Delhi after the Partition.


As is the case with most families torn apart and displaced by the Partition, Sampooran Singh was deeply distressed and had countless nightmares of that horrific event. Later, he found an outlet with words under the pseudonym – Gulzar Deenvi. 

Gulzar‘s greatest inspiration was Rabindranath Tagore, and he started his writing career with Bollywood songs. Some of his finest lyric writings include Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi, Aanewala Pal Janewala Hai, Tum Aagye Ho Noor Aagya, and countless others. 

Jeene ke liye socha hi nahin dard sambhalne honge,

Muskurayrein toh muskurane ke karz utarne honge.


A poet at heart, Gulzar is a living legend who has blessed us with his words for decades. Now, in his mid-80s, he fits well in his own verse – Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji – as he continues exploring his way with words. In this article, we aim to go through some of the finest Gulzar quotes of all time that you can’t read with a straight face! This list includes ghazalein, nazamein and of course sher-o-shayari.

Evergreen Heart Touching Gulzar Quotes And Shayari

Tujh Ko Dekha Hai Jo Dariya Nei Idhar Aate Huye

Tujh ko dekha hai jo dariya nei idhar aate huye

Kuch bhanvar duub gaye paani mein chakrate huye


Hum nei toh raat ko daanton se pakad rakkha tha

Chhina jhapti mein ufuq khulta gaya jate huye

Main na hounga toh khizan kaise kategi teri


Shokh patte nei kaha shaakh se murjhate huye 

Hasratein apni bilakhti na yateemon ki tarah

Hum ko awaz hi de leta zara jaate huye


Si liye hont pakiza nigahein sun kar

Maili ho jaati hai awaz bhi dohrate huye

In this ghazal, Gulzar Sahab (as he is lovingly known) talks about the pain of being estranged from a former lover, who is obviously so beautiful to him that even nature is incapable of keeping its balance upon seeing them.


In his words, he brings out the torment a person faces when they are left behind and are no longer cared for. If only they had bothered to let down easily before leaving, the pain might be slightly bearable. This heart-touching Gulzar Shayari is capable of moving a person to tears with mere words. We just love the references to nature that Gulzar’s work has. 

Kahin Toh Gard Ude Ya Kahin Ghubaar Dikhe

Kahin toh gard ude ya kahin ghubaar dikhe

Kahin se aata hua koi shahsavar dikhe 


Khafa thi shaakh se shayad ki jab hawa guzri 

Zameen pe girte huye phool be-shumaar dikhe

Ravaan hain phir bhi ruke hain wahin pe sadiyon se


Bade udaas lage jab bhi abshar dikhe

Kabhi toh chaunk ke dekhe koi hamari taraf

Kisi ki aankhon mei hum ko bhi intezaar dikhe


Koi tilismi sifat thi jo is hujuum mein wo

Huye jo aankh se ojhal toh baar baar dikhe

Another beautiful ghazal on the line, Kahin Toh Gard Dikhe Ya Kahin Ghubaar Dikhe, will give you goosebumps. Here Gulzar talks about the suffering and agony of waiting for a person who has left to return – if they ever do, that is. He wishes to see the clouds of dust that are seen when someone is coming on horseback.


He sees himself in the anger and anguish of winds that uproot and leave a flurry of delicate flowers behind. This heart-touching Gulzar Shayari makes us relate to the pain of this form of wait and the effect it has on us as we often see them in complete strangers. 

Zikr Hota Hai Jahan Bhi Mere Afsany Ka

Zikr hota hai jahan bhi mere afsany ka

Ek darwaza sa khulta hai kutub khane ka


Ek sannata dabe paanv gaya ho jaise

Dil se ek khauf sa guzra hai bichhad jane ka

Bulbula fir se chala paani mein ghote khane


Na samajhne ka use vaqt na samjhane ka

Main nei alfaaz toh beejon ki tarah chhant diye

Aisa meetha tera andaaz tha farmane ka


Kis ko roke koi raaste mein kahan baat kare

Na toh aane ki khabar hai na pata jaane ka

Gulzar’s quotes are so deep and meaningful that they can make us feel emotions that we never knew we had. In Zikr Hota Hai Jahan Bhi Mere Afsany Ka, Gulzar saheb goes on in-depth about the beauty and fear of being in love. When hearts are in love, there is so much to say that even all the books in a library can be filled with these stories.


The happiness is so great that it seems almost unreal and the feeling of everything ending and the pain that would follow is fearsome. Yet, in the words of the shayar, a heart in love doesn’t stop to reason. Because who knows about the future, right?

Baarish Hoti Hai Toh Paani Ko Bhi Lag Jaate Hain Paanv

Baarish hoti hai toh paani ko bhi lag jaate hain paanv 

Dar-o-deewar se takra ke guzarta hai gali se


Or uchhalta hai chapakon mein

Kisi match mein jeete huye ladkon ki tarah

Jeet kr aate hain jb match gali ke ladke


Joote pehne huye canvas ke uchhalte huye gendon ki tarah

Dar-o-deewar se takra ke guzarte hain 

Wo paani ke chapakon ki tarah


This magnificent piece of work is quite different from the others that Gulzar has written. It feels like a random musing that he had while watching the day-to-day life around him. In this case, it is the rain, and the boys are playing cricket in his neighborhood. He makes a beautiful comparison between them by noting the ecstasy they feel at different moments.

When it rains, the otherwise calm water runs across the neighborhood, splashing across the doors and walls in joy. And similarly, when boys in his neighborhood win a match, they pass by laughing and bumping against the walls – without a care in the world.

Shaam Se Aaj Saans Bhaari Hai

Shaam se aaj saans bhaari hai


Be-qarari si be-qarari hai

Aap ke baad har ghadi hum nei

Aap ke saath hi guzari hai


Raat ko de do chaandni ki rida

Din ki chadar abhi utari hai

Shakh par koi qahqaha toh khile 


Kaisi chup si chaman mein taari hai

Kal ka har vaaqia tumhara tha

Aaj ki daastan hamari hai


In this heart touching Gulzar shayari, we see him conversing with the lover who is no longer with him. He tries to convey to them how after they are gone, even simply breathing is too much of a task for him. He goes through phases of restlessness, and even when the person is not present with him, he spends time with them – in his thoughts and dreams. Again Gulzar draws on nature in order to convey his emotions, which is really beautiful. 

Kandhe Jhuk Jate Hain

Kandhe jhuk jate hain jb bojh se is lambe safar ke

Haanp jata hun main jab chadte huye tez chadhane


Saansein reh jati hain jan seene mein ek guchha sa ho kar

Or lagta hai ki dam tuut hi jayega yahin par

Ek nanhi si meri nazm mere saamne aa kar mujhse kehti hai mera haath pakad kar


Mere shayer laa mere kandhon par rakh de, mai tera bojh utha lun

We find this nazm quite charming because it describes Gulzar’s love for writing and how it makes his journey of life more bearable. It is an undebatable fact that life can be quite rough most of the time and it often makes us break down – unable to carry on.

He compares the journey of life to climbing steep steps which causes breathlessness after a point, and going on feels like a task. During such times, writing is a form of art that relieves the writer and removes some of the pain. Gulzar quotes never cease to amaze us. 


Urdu Zabaan

Yeh kaisa ishq hai urdu zabaan ka

Maza ghulta hai lafzon ka zabaan par


Ki jaise paan mein mehenga qimam ghulta hai

Ye kaisa ishq hai urdu zabaan ka

Nasha aata hai urdu bolne mein


Gilauri ki tarah hain munh lagi sab istelahein

Lutf deti hai, halaq chhuti hai urdu toh

Halaq se jaise maye ka ghoont utarta hai


Badi aristocracy hai zabaan mein

Faqeeri mein navabi ka maza deti hai urdu

Agarche maani kam hote hain urdu mei, alfaz ki ifrat hoti hai


Magar phir bhi, buland awaz padhiye toh bhot hi motabar lgti hain baatein

Kahin kuch duur se kaanon mein padti hai agar urdu 

Toh lagta hai ki din jaadon ke hain khidki khuli hui hai


Dhoop andar aa rahi hai

Ajab hai yeh zabaan urdu

Kabhi kahin safar karte agar koi musafir sher padh de ‘mir’, ‘ghalib’ ka


Wo chahe ajnabi ho, yahi lgta hai wo mere vatan ka hai

Badi shaista lehje mei kisi se urdu sun kar

Kya nahin lgta ki ek tehzeeb ki awaz hai Urdu


This heart touching Gulzar shayari is dedicated to the language of love and tehzeeb – Urdu. He goes in depth about the exquisite beauty of this language, and there can definitely be no better ode to it. Urdu zabaan is comforting, magical, intoxicating, and above all, royal – and Gulzar expresses his love for it in the most beautiful words and metaphors.

When he says – badi aristocracy hai zabaan mein, faqeeri mein nawabi ka maza deti hai urdu – we just cannot agree more! Of course, no amount of words that we write here can do justice to the actual beauty of this nazm.

Shaam Se Aankh Mein Nami Si Hai

Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai


Aaj phir aap ki kami si hai

Dafn kar do humein ki saans aaye

Nabz kuch deir se thami si hai


Kon pathra gya hai aankhon mein

Barf palkon pe kyun jami si hai

Waqt rehta nahin kahin tik kar


Aadat iski bhi aadmi si hai

Aaiye raasta alag kar lein

Ye zaroort bhi bahami si hai


Another epic heart touching Gulzar shayari dedicated to the pain and suffering of separating from a loved one – Shaam Se Aankh Mein Nami Si Hai. The tormenting feelings are so unbearable for him that he actually wants to forget the person and move on. It has become a necessity for his own well-being and yet he is unable to do so.

The shayari starts with an agonizing description of how much he misses the person, goes on to question why he is unable to forget them too, and ends with a decision to separate his heart from theirs because the pain is just too unbearable. Gulzar is a living legend for a reason.

This was our compilation of the most amazing Gulzar quotes and shers of all time! Of course, there are countless others – too bad we can’t fit all of them in here! Which one is your favorite? 


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6 Easy Steps To Create A Successful YouTube Channel



6 Easy Steps To Create A Successful YouTube Channel
Looking for investors

How to create a successful Youtube channel? This might be a question that many budding creators have in their minds. While watching your favourite creators on YouTube, the thought of being a creator yourself might have crossed your mind. But then, the question of How must have made you step back.  

Content creation can seem difficult at the ground level. But it isn’t very baffling. It’s a journey that will teach you many new intriguing things and give you a finer way of expressing yourself out there. Despite having an amazing idea, if you still wonder how to create a successful Youtube channel, then don’t worry as we bring you 6 essential tips to aid your Content creation journey!

6 Easy Steps To Create A Successful YouTube Channel

Discover Your Voice

Discover Your Voice How to create a successful Youtube channel

This should ideally be the first answer to your question about How to Create a Successful Youtube Channel. With that being said, finding your voice might be confusing initially. Hence, explore your interests. Create small content on every idea that interests you. Don’t think about views and shares from the beginning. Have fun with your ideas; eventually, you will discover your niche.


On discovering your niche, explore, create and learn new stuff around it. Basically, for the first step, have fun! Some of the most searched niches are gaming, music, entertainment, cooking, fashion, vlogging and lots more. 

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Create Your Channel

Create your Channel How to create a successful Youtube channel

Well, from the instance you sign up in the YouTube app, you have your channel. But that’s certainly not what we are talking about. Creating your channel actually means making it appealing at first glance. And for that, you need a proper display image, a creative cover image and a short yet fun bio about your channel. It will be the first page that viewers will notice, so it’s worth some creativity.


You can also use posts to engage with your community and trust us, it will enhance your viewership for real! You can use tools like Canva or Picsart to create your prolific designs or ask a designer friend.

Play With Your Content

Play with your content How to create a successful Youtube channel

This is indeed the most important detail of How to create a successful Youtube channel. Now Playing with your videos is kinda like an experimental thing. Try various techniques to shoot or edit your videos until you create a style that is appealing, fun and engaging for your audience. If you are doing something in infotainment, make sure to proofread your script. Creativity comes with proper planning, so make your strategies accordingly. Focus on your video and the sound quality to provide a unique experience to the viewers.

Also, you don’t need fancy equipment to create good quality content. Better equipment certainly enhance the production, but while beginning, what matters the most is your content. Everything to make a splendid video is available for free on your phones or laptops. Just learn the skills, add your creative touch, and you are good to go!


Optimise Your Videos

Optimise your videos How to create a successful Youtube channel

Found your niche? Did your research? Made a video? Well, now your creativity needs an analytical touch. Sounds scary? It’s quite easy, tbh. All you need to do is optimise your videos using a keyword-friendly description. Your video description should have all related keywords written in a crisp and fun way so that your video can be found on popular search engines. Another way to optimise is to use hashtags in the description. Hashtags are a quick and smart way to put your videos in the front. 

Various free tools help you with optimising your content with keywords. You can use AI tools to write your optimised descriptions when you feel blank. Also, create short clips from the video and post them across platforms to captivate new viewers. 

Promote Your Channel

Promote Your Channel How to create a successful Youtube channel

How to promote a Youtube channel is as crucial as How to create a successful Youtube channel. Promoting your channel is one of the key aspects of being successful on Youtube. Organically growing can take time but will give you some amazing results. Besides asking your friends to subscribe, you can use social media to promote your videos. Make a simple design with some content highlights and post it on your story. You can also use short clips as reels and create a hook for your followers. Not only to promote but also to build an engaging community, you can use your social media. 


The most important thing for you to do is captivate your audience. For that, showcase all your creativity in making captivating posts and reels related to your channel. Engaging with your viewers will also boost your impressions.

Stay Consistent and Be Patient

Stay consistent and Be Patient How to create a successful YouTube channel

While everything else revolves around How to create a successful Youtube channel, this tip is just for you, the amazing creators! Consistency is the key when it comes to building a successful YouTube channel. The algorithm is certainly not in your hands, but you can consistently take your game to a good level. Posting regularly optimises your videos and helps you build an engaging community. It enhances your viewership and also creates an impact on your impressions. It’s just like the cherry on top of your Content cake, so don’t forget it!

Lastly, be patient. Patience is another important skill for a creator. Content creation is a marathon; to ace that, you must be patient. The results might not be as fantastic as your content, but let that not make you give up. Setting small milestones is the best way to keep up in this journey. Take small steps at a time and keep achieving. All you need to do is have fun with your content, so keep doing that! 


So the next time you as yourself, How to create a Successful YouTube Channel, remember we have got you covered. Also, let us know in the comments below what your favourite type of content is and who your favourite creator is!

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Top 8 Indian Motivational Speakers To Inspire & Transform Your Life



Top 8 Indian Motivational Speakers To Inspire & Transform Your Life
Looking for investors

Feeling stuck in life? Need some inspiration to kickstart your journey towards success? Look no further than the world of motivational speakers in India. From business gurus to spiritual leaders, these dynamic Indian motivational speakers have the power to ignite your passion, boost your confidence, and propel you towards your goals.

We’ll explore some renowned Indian motivational speakers, their stories, and the lessons they can teach us about life, leadership, and personal growth. So buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of motivation and inspiration!

Top 8 Indian Motivational Speakers To Inspire &
Transform Your Life

Sandeep Maheshwari

Indian Motivational Speakers: Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is a very popular and well-known Indian motivational speaker. He is an entrepreneur and founder of ImagesBazaar, a stock photography website. Known for his inspiring talks on entrepreneurship, career growth, and personal development, he has helped thousands of students, college-goers and businessmen to achieve their goals.


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Shiv Khera

Indian Motivational Speakers: Shiv khera

A renowned Indian motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Shiv Khera is known for his inspirational personal and professional growth talks. He has authored several books, including “You Can Win” and “Living with Honor,” which have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Dr Vivek Bindra

Indian Motivational Speakers: Vivek Bindra

A motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and business coach, Dr Vivek Bindra has helped numerous newbie entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and succeed. He is known for his high-energy leadership, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship talks.


Priya Kumar

Indian Motivational Speakers: Priya Kumar

This Indian motivational speaker, Priya Kumar, is an author, and leadership coach, who has written several books, including “I Am Another You” and “The Perfect World.” She is known for engaging and inspiring talks on personal and professional growth and has worked with various organizations to help individuals and teams achieve their goals.

Simerjeet Singh

Indian Motivational Speakers: Simerjeet Singh

An Indian motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and life coach, Simarjeet has worked with various organizations to help individuals and teams to achieve their goals. He is known for his inspiring leadership, communication, and personal growth talks.

Deepak Chopra

Indian Motivational Speakers: Deepak Chopra

He is a renowned author and speaker on spirituality, wellness, and personal growth and has written numerous books, which includes “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” He is known for his engaging talks on mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth.


Gaur Gopal Das

Indian Motivational Speakers: Gaur Gopal Das

He is a spiritual leader, motivational speaker, and lifestyle coach who has delivered inspiring talks on life, relationships, and spirituality. He is known for his engaging and humorous talks, which are based on ancient wisdom and modern science.

Radhakrishnan Pillai

Indian Motivational Speakers: Radhakrishnan Pillai

Radhakrishnan, a management guru and author, has written several books on leadership, entrepreneurship, and philosophy, including “Corporate Chanakya” and “Chanakya in You.” He is known for engaging and insightful talks on leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re struggling with personal issues, career growth, or business success, these renowned Indian motivational speakers can guide you with their wisdom, experience, and knowledge. You can gain valuable insights and perspectives that can transform your life by attending their workshops, listening to their talks, and reading their books. 


So, if you want to make a positive change in your life and reach your full potential, start exploring the world of motivational speakers today! Remember, the only way to achieve greatness is by taking action; the best time to start is now!

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8 Top Indian Finance Influencers To Follow Before Investing



8 Top Indian Finance Influencers To Follow Before Investing
Looking for investors

Investments, stocks, shares! These terms always intimidate us when we think of our financial growth. While we often tend to go to some elders for financial advice, their advice for the long run and some advanced knowledge bewilders us, and all we do is postpone our investing plans. Well, there’s no more delay in this journey, all thanks to the amazing Indian financial influencers!

Finance influencers are content creators who enlighten viewers with various tips on taxes, investments, and hacks to achieve monetary growth. Recently, financial influencers have helped a lot of their audience with hacks and guidance.

To aid you in finding the right financial advice, here we have brought you 8 Indian Finance Influencers you should listen to before investing!


8 Top Indian Finance Influencers To Follow Before Investing

Shreya Kapoor

 Top Indian Finance Influencers: Shreyaa Kapoor Indian Finance Influencer

Former Senior Analyst at a leading management firm and FinTech strategist, Shreya Kapoor, started producing finance content on Instagram in April 2021. Being a finance student herself, Shreya wanted to elucidate the tangled-up mindset with finance among youngsters, and she is amazingly doing her endeavor.

With catchy punchlines and quirkiness, Shreya makes intimidating finance tips easy to catch up with. Her content is mostly about tips and tricks for the stock market and investing. With more than 600K followers, the Indian Finance Influencer is also a popular voice on Linkedin.

Pranjal Kamra

 Top Indian Finance Influencers: Pranjal Kamra Indian Finance Influencer

Hailing from Raipur, Pranjal Kamra commenced his content creation in 2017. With more than 35 million views on youtube, Pranjal Kamra produces videos about stock market strategies and investment behavioral patterns. He has over 680K followers on youtube and is popular for trending content and stock ideas.


Besides being a creator, the Indian Finance Influencer is also a best-selling author and entrepreneur. His brainchild, Finology, a platform to learn everything about finance, is also popular among early investors and entrepreneurs. If you are ambiguous about starting your investments, Pranjal Kamra is your go-to creator!

Anushka Rathod

 Top Indian Finance Influencers: Anushka Rathod Indian Finance Influencer

With more than 770K followers, Anushka Rathod is not only unique in her content but also in her idea of content creation. The former investment banker started creating finance content when her peers kept asking her finance-related queries. Anuska Rathod’s entertaining way of creating content captivates the viewers and benefits them with hacks on saving and growing money.

She is undoubtedly an expert in explaining confusing stock market terms easily and entertainingly. She also provides various learnings about taxes, market overview, and personal financial choices. Her videos are a must for every finance enthusiast, especially early investors.


Sharan Hegde

 Top Indian Finance Influencers: Sharan Hegde Indian Finance Influencer

With more than 2 million followers, Sharan Hegde is one of the most popular Indian Finance Influencers. His content will not only make you laugh but also edify you with some amazing tips to save taxes and grow your money. Besides helping in better financial learning, he also creates content around a safe investing process.  

This Indian Finance Influencer also educates about the trending myths on the stock market and cryptocurrency. His videos are absolutely fun to watch. For all aspiring investors, Sharan Hegde will surely be an entertainer for all.  

Neha Nagar

 Top Indian Finance Influencers: Neha Nagar Indian Finance Influencer

With some quirky and filmy one-liners like “Kya investor Banega re tu”, Neha Nagar makes her content enlightening and captivating. She has an experience of more than 8 years in the finance industry and thus provides easy insights into various finance-related queries and financial growth.


The Indian Finance Influencer has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and is also an active investor in various Fintech, Edtech, and marketing startups. From investing tips to tax saving hacks, Neha Nagar has all the solutions to your finance doubts.

Jay Kapoor

 Top Indian Finance Influencers: Jay Kapoor Indian Finance Influencer

A tech junkie by passion, Jay Kapoor has got some amazing hacks for you to save money. He is the co-founder of Gbox, a tool to help creators level up their Instagram game, and he creates content on various avenues, mostly on saving money.

With more than 475K followers on Instagram, Jay Kapoor is popular for drumming into hacks for saving money, buying smartly, and trending tips and tricks. He has also been featured in India’s Top Creators and Entrepreneurs under Forbes. For learning some amazing money-saving tricks, you can follow his newsletter “Accha Laga, Share Karo”!


Rachana Ranade

 Top Indian Finance Influencers: Meet Rachana Ranade Indian Finance Influencer

She is surely the best person to educate all about the stock market and investing! Besides being a Chartered Accountant by profession, Rachana Ranade is a creator ensuring an abridged understanding of the Stock Market in a very simplified and factual way. She aims to create financial awareness across the nation and make everyone investing-savvy!

The Indian Finance Influencer has over 4.3 million subscribers on youtube, where she shares day-to-day tips according to the market. Rachana Ranade also has a detailed investing masterclass course on her website. If you are someone commencing your financial journey, Rachana Ranade has solutions to all your queries.

Ankur Warikoo

A best-selling author, entrepreneur, content creator, and an epitome of productivity, financial growth, and success, Ankur Warikoo is certainly one of the most popular Indian Finance Influencers. He has been an angel investor and founder of startups like Accentium Web,, and others. With his manner of educating his viewers with essential life lessons and lessons on finance, he has gained more than 2.1 million followers.


Ankur Warikoo has designed his videos in such a way that they will not only enlighten you but also help you realize your strengths. He has detailed lessons on financial growth and management on youtube and some special courses designed for entrepreneurship and finance. His videos will surely help you in making your first investment.

Let us know in the comments below who is your go-to finance influencer and if you have started your investments yet.

For more such interesting content, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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