8 Unique Predictions For The Year 2030 By Scientists

8 Unique Predictions For The Year 2030 By Scientists

We’re almost halfway through 2021 and it is safe to say half of the predictions made for the year 2020 way back in 2011 haven’t come true. But what is human life without hope and an innovative spirit? And what it will be in the year 2030?

Experts and scientists have predicted what the world will look like 10 years from now, in 2030, provided we are not battling another pandemic!

8 Unique Predictions For The Year 2030 By Scientists

Smart Homes 

brown and white wooden house near green trees during daytime

Everything in our homes will be operated through technology and AI. They’ll be equipped with solar-powered e-windows and having AI assistants will be as common as possessing cell phones.

Smart bathrooms will cater to the needs of each family member individually like customized temperature control of the room, music, lighting, and adjustable basin heights. In other words, everything that can be automated will be automated. 

Screen-free entertainment 

8 Unique Predictions For The Year 2030 By Scientists

Entertainment of the future is predicted to be much ahead of the virtual reality headsets. The need for any device will be eliminated and 4D hologram projection and Light Field Displays will be used instead. These direct displays are said to replace TVs, computers, and phone screens. How good they’ll be in providing privacy to the user remains to be seen. 

Post-Digital Era

2 Women and Man Sitting on Blue and White Table

In an anti-climactic prediction, some experts believe that with the overuse of social apps and digitalization at present, people will move towards rejecting anything virtual or digital and look for more face-to-face connections. The rising privacy concerns could also be the cause of this. Turning off the phones and taking breaks will become the new cool. 

Synthetic Food

black printing machine printing on black and green pad

Lab-grown meats and synthetic products will be the new trend after veganism in 2030. With artificially grown items, the fat percentage will be controlled and necessary vitamins and minerals will be enhanced too. However, whether they will be safe or not is uncertain at present. 

Smart Clothing

Person Taking Selfie Outdoors

The means of expressing oneself would be taken up a notch by clothing that changes colors based on the individual’s mood and personality. The fashion industry will undergo a massive change, integrating technology and inclusivity. Gender fluid clothes will be much more common as compared to today. 

Space Exploration

This picture shows an american astronaut in his space and extravehicular activity suite working outside of a spacecraft. In the background parts of a space shuttle are visible. In the far background of the picture planet earth with it's blue color and white clouds is shown as well as a patch of black space.

NASA and ESA have already discussed plans for more human and robotic exploration of other planets and moons. They are planning to bring samples of rocks and soil from Mars back to Earth for research by the year 2031. 

Global Warming to Reach its Peak

Ice Formation In Body Of Water

The pace with which we’re proceeding towards the future will have a significant impact on the environment. If things continue at the present rate, record-breaking temperatures, catastrophic storms, and unprecedented ice melt will become much more regular over the next decade. The world’s carbon emissions need to be cut down by at least 45% to avoid irreversible environmental damage. 

More People, Longer Lives

People Across on Intersection

According to research by experts at MIT, the global population will reach a whopping 8.5 billion by the year 2030, adding 1 billion new members to the current population. Humans will find cures and vaccines for the currently incurable diseases, increasing the average life span. And this will be the main contributor to the rise in population. 

Only time will tell if these predictions are true. What are your predictions for the future? Let us know in the comments! 

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