Things We All Experience When Our Sibling Is Our Exact Opposite

Raksha Bandhan 2021 Special: Things We All Experience when Our Sibling Is Our Exact Opposite

Celebrate your crazy times together, because you fit like a puzzle and that wouldn’t happen if you were the same piece! Read on to find out what are those things we all experience when our sibling is our exact opposite.

You both have completely divergent social lives.


How your Friday night plans look is exactly how your social lives are! While one is an outgoing, extroverted bigmouth, whose night starts at 11, the other finds solace in his own self, amidst books and music and other things likewise whose day ends at 11!

Polar athletic abilities


As quirky and outlandish as this may sound, it is 100% true that when siblings have opposite interests, one of them is always good at sports and the other is just not (and they are always called out for that)!

The way people find out that you are related to each other.


Every school teacher has spent 5 minutes of your class time, at least once in their lifetime, acknowledging the fact that you are related to your sibling.

‘I can’t believe you two are related, I used to teach him for 5 years, ‘OMG, I never knew you were siblings!’

People expecting the same things out of you only because you are siblings.


Be it school, or sports, or even our parents, everyone expects us to excel at things just the way our sibling does. And if your sibling is the crackhead, you start hearing things like “Abhi uske jaise mat ban Jaana!” No one gets the fact that you are two individual people with individual personalities who just happen to be related!

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get along.


Growing up, we notice more and more of how we are just complete opposites, and it becomes annoying when,

“Want to play again?!” “No.” *starts dealing the cards again as if he never heard*, “Chocolate or Vanilla?” me- “chocolate” him- “vanilla” *parents ask you to decide upon one*,

“Can we order food at home?” “Let’s go out for dinner” *both sleep hungry*.

Completely different meal plans


There is not a single thing that you would both agree upon when trying to order food. While one enjoys nachos with hot sauce for breakfast, the other is comfortable in his smoothie bowl. But at the end of the day, you’ll still fight over who has more Maggi on their plates!

You have newer perspectives because of your exact opposite.


We all agree to the fact that the most genuine advice in your life will always come from your sibling. And when we are opposites, we are always introduced to a parallel, newer perspective with every conversation. It helps us make better, healthier decisions in life as compared to someone with a sister/brother very similar to them.

You complement each other in a weird way.


You’ll be the sun, he’ll be the moon, you’ll be blue, he’ll be red, you’ll be the summer, he’ll be winter, you’ll be Monica, he’ll be your Ross. When you’re really tired and just don’t feel like talking at your grandmother’s 80th birthday party, their constant extroverted energy is your lifesaver. Such are the times when you need your crackhead opposite sibling- the most!

Let your sibling know that you love them, even though you are opposites. Let us know of more things you relate to and what annoyed you the most!

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