The Best And Worst TV Moms, As Seen on TV 

Mothers are always associated with kindness and compassion and are always put on a pedestal. And while a lot of these moms do rightfully deserve their pedestal it’s important to note that not all mothers are motherly. Swipe to see our list of some of the best and Worst TV Moms that have graced (or tainted) our TV screens!

The 8 Best And Worst Tv Moms In Television History – Storishh

Best TV Moms: Claire Dunphy, Modern Family

Image: Modern Family/20th Century Fox Television

She’s the kind of mom we all need. With three eccentric kids, mothering isn’t easy, but Claire does it flawlessly. Despite her quirks and intense nature, she’s always there to support and guide not only her kids but anyone who needs her motherly comfort. She’ll give you the yelling you deserve but will also help you clean up the mess.

Worst TV Moms: Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

Worst TV Moms

Image: Game of Thrones/HBO Entertainment

Having kids with your brother is as weird as it gets, but Cersei also manages to take the cake for bad parenting. She was biased towards her oldest child, who was a complete sociopath, which explains a lot in itself. She also either ignored her other children or didn’t leave a chance to taunt and compare them to their older brother.

Best TV Mom: Penelope Alvarez, One Day at a Time

Best TV Moms

Image: One Day at a Time/Act III Productions

Penelope is a single mom living with her two teenage children and her own elderly mother. She’s a divorced army veteran who suffers from PTSD and depression. Despite all her problems, however, she’s always there to lend an ear to her children and let them explore themselves without meddling too much.

Worst TV Moms: Selina Meyer, Veep

Worst TV Moms

Image: Veep/HBO Entertainment

When it comes to politics, there’s no doubt how great Selina is. Motherhood, however, is where she fails – and she doesn’t give a crap. She uses her daughter for votes, but couldn’t care less about her otherwise. In fact, she’d happily have another one only if it meant she could get ahead in the political race.

Best TV Moms: Alma Wheatley, The Queen’s Gambit

Best TV Moms

Image: The Queen’s Gambit/Flitcraft Ltd

Despite being Beth’s adoptive mother and not knowing the first letter of motherhood, she steps up to the role. Alma tries her best to make Beth feel comfortable and cared for, despite all the financial problems. When she finds that Beth can make money through chess, she supports her and becomes her manager.

Worst TV Moms: Beverly Hofstadter, The Big Bang Theory

Worst TV Moms

Image: The Big Bang Theory/Warner Bros. Television 

Any mother who favors her kid’s friend over her own kid is automatically a bad mother. Beverly takes it up another notch by caring more about using Leonard for her research than Leonard himself. She also clearly favors her other kids over Leonard and disregards his (pretty good) achievements. And she never celebrated – or even remembered – his birthday because it “wasn’t an achievement”!

Best TV Moms: Violet Bridgerton, Bridgerton

Best TV Moms

Image: Bridgerton/Shondaland 

For the period the show is set in, Violet is a pretty progressive mother who only wants her children to be happy. She is a true mama bear who always looks out for her children, even when they don’t know it. Violet’s a subtle hero who actively advocates for her children, even with the “man of the house” present.

Worst TV Moms: Lily Rhodes, Gossip Girl

Worst TV Moms

Image: Gossip Girl/Warner Bros. Television

Lily was a major reason why Serena ended up doing drugs and sleeping with others’ boyfriends, or why Eric attempted suicide. She was embarrassed by her children when they were in rehab and could never provide them with the stability they needed, having married and divorced five different men. And, in typical rich-mom fashion, she cared more about appearances than their well-being.

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