Ordinary People Who Went Viral And Became Extraordinary In 2021

Ordinary People Who Went Viral And Became Extraordinary In 2021

The only thing that the world sought with buoyed hopes after the dreadful year of 2020 is normalcy. With 2020 missing out on almost all the fun and merriness of life, this year brought a fair share of enthusiasm and characteristic thrill. The people of India got to experience the joy of some viral sensations that made them laugh their hearts out amidst a deadly pandemic. These people and their weirdly funny videos brought back the semblance of normalcy, which we directly craved. 

Wrapping up 2021, let us talk about these people and their internet-breaking videos, which caught the pulse of people all over the country. 

Ordinary People Who Went Viral And Became
Extraordinary In 2021

The Pawri Ho Rahi Hai girl | Dananeer Mobeen


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The entire country basked in this hilarious accent of the Pakistani influencer who took to Instagram posting a small clip of her friends having fun. The video of the girl went viral within a few days and almost provided content for all the meme pages turning it into a carnival.

Different people posted various videos twisting the narrative or simply making fun of the original one. Not only Dananeer Mobeen but also Yashraj Mukhate went viral yet again with a remix of this clip producing it into a mashup. This remix got over 70 million views on YouTube. Because of this viral clip, the Pakistani influencer gained 1 million followers on Instagram. 

Bachpan ka Pyaar | Sahdev Dirdo


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The fun of the memefest got suspended with the outbreak of the second wave. However, these bifurcated roars of laughter returned in June 2021 with the viral video of Sahdev Dirdo. This little boy from Chhattisgarh sang the song “Bachpaan ka Pyaar” in his classroom, which his teacher recorded.

This 2019 video went viral this year to such an extent that even the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh felicitated him, and Badshah cast him in a remake of the song posted on youtube and got over 34 crore views. 

Shweta, your mic is on | Shweta

This year; yet again, the students attended online classes with the major strike in covid 19 cases. The leaked zoom call became viral where the private conversation of Shweta with her friends about a man who had asked her to keep some secret was recorded as she had forgotten to turn off her microphone. This had been a problem with many of us this year, hadn’t it?

However, Shweta did not pay heed to the warnings of her classmates, resulting in #shweta being trending as the popular hashtag on Twitter in India. 

Medical students from Kerala dance to Rasputin | Naveen Razak and Janaki M Omkumar


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A video shot in an anomaly, caustic presence in the cramped corridor of Thrissur Medical College in Kerala showed two medical students dancing to the beats of a 1978 hit- Boney M’s song, Rasputin. This clip went viral on social media receiving over million likes on Instagram. However, it also landed in a controversy. 

Covid warriors, the doctors in PPE kits dance to Sochna kya song to bring back hope to the Covid patients | Name unknown

With the covid 19 pandemic taking a toll on everyone’s mental health, especially the ones fighting against the virus, the doctors of Parul Sevashram Hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat tried to cheer up the patients exercising and dancing on a 1990 Sunny Deol movie song- “sochna kya, jo hoga, dekha jayega”. Some of the patients even joined in, resulting in a very heartwarming viral video. 

Wife tries to kiss Husband during Zoom call | Name unknown

Zoom calls were really in trend this year. Another viral video of a leaked zoom call included a woman trying to kiss her husband while he was in an important meeting, discussing how GDP affects the export business. This video was retweeted by Anand Mahindra, calling her “wife of the year,” and Harsh Goenka also shared the video, which got lakhs of views. 

Dr. KK Aggarwal’s wife scorns him on live | Dr. KK Aggarwal

Padma Shri recipient and former President of Indian Medical Association, Dr. KK Aggarwal, received wrath from his wife, who is also a doctor, on a phone call as he had gotten his first dose of vaccination without her. this video of him talking to his wife on the live session also went viral, this year 

Liquor over medicine says Delhi aunty | Name unknown

The amusing attitude of the Delhi-based elderly woman went viral as she stood in front of a liquor shop requesting the government to keep the liquor shops open as alcohol is a better curative against Covid than medicines, according to her. 

A 30-year-old Covid sufferer holds onto life listening to “Love you Zindagi”| Name unknown

This viral video of a covid sufferer holding onto life with the help of this song spread positive vibes among the people with the moral lesson of “never losing hope”. 

Yohani Diloka De Silva, a Sri Lankan singer and songwriter | Yohani Diloka De Silva


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Another viral sensation of this year was Yohani, who made the world groove to her Sinhalese hit, “Manike Mage Hithe.” Many celebrities even danced to the beats of this song, and Yohani started her Bollywood career all thanks to the power of the internet. 

The internet really has the peculiar power of being a boon in an individual’s life in the form of fame, money, and name. Let us 2022 pans out to be a fruitful year as far as the memfests, and viral videos are concerned. 

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