Memorable Scenes From Gangs Of Wasseypur That Make It A Masterpiece 

On June 22, one of India’s best films, Gangs of Wasseypur, celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Gangs of Wasseypur is not just a film but a huge part of Indian pop culture as well, with it ruling the meme world since its release. This article will mention some of this modern masterpiece’s most nail-biting, jaw-dropping, funny, and memorable scenes. 

Memorable Scenes From Gangs Of Wasseypur That
Make It A Masterpiece

Gangs Of Wasseypur opening scene

Gangs Of Wasseypur opening scene

One of the greatest opening sequences to ever exist, it quickly transports the viewers to the world of Gangs of Wasseypur. The Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi them, shut down with a series of gunshots, is precisely the essence of Gangs of Wasseypur – Gruesome violence, laced with Humor. 

Sardar Khan’s death

Sardar Khan's death

In a shocking turn of events, we see the protagonist of our film getting brutally murdered by Sultan Qureshi (Pankaj Tripathi) and his men. After this, Sardar barely makes it out of the car and struggles to walk, landing on a nearby cart and finally taking his last breath. Even during this, he reminds us that his whole life has been about revenge and how it is still incomplete and entices us to watch Part 2 ASAP.

Orchestra Scenes

Orchestra Scenes

A similar idea approaches two completely different themes, one being a romance and the other being tragedy. What is the middle ground? The staple Anurag Kashyap dark humor elevates these scenes in every way possible and makes them memorable for a long time. 

Shot dead

Shot dead

There are a lot of jaw-dropping twists in the film, but these three scenes have a common theme: betrayal. Everyone is killed similarly, by an incredible gunshot, by a confidante, thus amounting to betrayal. Shahid Khan is killed by Yadav, who was sent by Ramadhir, Shama by her brother Sultan and Faizal by Definite.

Shamshad chasing Definite

Shamshad chasing Definite

Another hilarious turn of events gives us this amazing scene. Definite is out to kill Shamshad, but his pistol jams (similar to what happened with his father Sultan once) and thus has to flee to save his life. The outcome is a long chase sequence across the city, ultimately resulting in Definite’s arrest by Military Officers. 

Faizal’s escape

Faizal's escape

The scene which explains the opening scene from part 1, Faizal here, after safeguarding his family, tries to escape from the ambush to reach the front side of the house to fight with the attackers. In doing so, he fractured his leg due to a bad jump and thus called after the attackers had left. The 6.5 minutes scene is filmed in one take which helps the viewers to associate with Faizal’s urgency and acts as if we are watching it in real-time. Nawazuddin Siddiqui fractured his leg in reality and completed the scene with a broken leg. 

Sultan Qureshi’s death

Sultan Qureshi's death

Probably the funniest from both the parts; this is a hell of a ride. From a chaotic conference call to a chase sequence and then ultimately till the murder, it is out and out hilarious and reminds us once again how the Gangs of Wasseypur world is – Grounded in reality; as the characters in the film are realistic and even with their larger than life attitude they commit mistakes. 

Ramadhir Singh’s Death

Ramadhir Singh's Death

After two parts and five hours, finally, the moment arrives where the Hero and Villain battle for one last time. However here, the villain gives up seeing Faizal as he knows he is helpless and thus Faizal is successful in avenging his BAAP, DADA, and BHAI!

Fun Fact about this scene – Anurag Kashyap wasn’t happy with the VFX, i.e., the pool of blood from Ramadhir’s body. But because of already over budget, he resorted to it.

Let us know your favorite scenes from both parts in the comments below, and share this post with your Gangs of Wasseypur, obsessed friends.

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