6 Important Life Lessons Schitt’s Creek Taught Us

6 Important Life Lessons Schitt’s Creek Taught Us

Schitt’s Creek is a show that steadfastly captured the hearts of viewers of all age groups as it progressed with each season. With a little something for everyone, let’s look at all the important lessons Schitt’s creek has taught us.

6 Important Life Lessons Schitt’s Creek Taught Us

You can always start your life over, no matter how old you are

Important Life Lessons Schitt’s Creek Taught Us

As we see in the first episode, the Rose family has lost all their fortune and has nowhere to go except the town they once bought as a joke: Schitt’s Creek. They now need to start from scratch, and as the show progresses, we see them accomplish that beautifully. 

You’re never too old to finish your education

Going to school at the age “you’re supposed to” is daunting enough. But doing it at a more mature age when your peers are much younger than you can be intimidating. However, Alexis embraces it with confidence and grace, even befriending her classmates using that Alexis charm. We couldn’t have been more proud of her!

Life never goes according to plan

We see this instance many times throughout the show, starting with the first episode. While planning for your life (or business), you should always leave some space for flexibility. Over the seasons, we see David getting and losing a job, which led him to start his own (thriving) business, Moira becoming a town councilor, and Jocelyn getting pregnant, among other things.

Always stay true to yourself, but allow room for change

No one demonstrates this better than Moira Rose. With her extravagant outfits and eccentric vocabulary, Moira couldn’t have looked more out-of-place in the small town filled with ‘normal people. But by the end of the series, she couldn’t have been more at home as she grows and learns from those around her. 

Try, and you’ll succeed

Everything seems too intimidating or stupid until we actually go through with it. The prime example is David’s store, Rose Apothecary. When he first brought up the idea to his family, no one believed he could pull through, but he went along and did it anyway. And the store was a grand success.

Similarly, Moira thought of running for the town council. It sounded absurd until she actually entered the race and got elected. 

Like the wine and not the label

When David said this, he was talking about his sexuality. But this goes for everything in life. Labels are just that – labels and nothing more. This line also hints at the inclusivity and representation of people from all walks of life, as well as all the different kinds of people who live in the town. 

“Sometimes in life and in love, risks must be taken. One never knows what may happen.” – Moira Rose

These were the few lessons from Schitt’s Creek we learned from watching the show. If there’s any more you can think of, do share them in the comments below.

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