Priceless Lessons From The Wisest Enchantress Of All Times, Hermione Granger!

Priceless Lessons From The Wisest Enchantress Of All Times, Hermione Granger!

Whether you’re a bibliophile or a cinephile, Harry Potter is one of those stories that draws an interlink between the realm of books and movies.

The Harry Potter, story woven across a trio is an exceptional piece of fantasy work enjoyed by audiences of every age group.

Although all the three friends, Harry, Hermione, and Ron have an indispensable place in our life, Hermione is someone who has carved her place in the audience’s hearts.

Hermione’s character is woven in such a way that it defies the typical portrait of a perfect woman. Be it her wit or love for knowledge, Miss Granger is like no other.

The Granger girl embodies every woman’s power and thus becomes a ROLE MODEL for every female.

JK Rowling’s thoughts and ideas should be appreciated as he chose the perfect actress, who not only played the reel role but gave life to the character.

Hermione has left unforgettable imprints on our lives and has taught us lessons throughout the series. Let’s dive into the Wizard world and look at the lessons the Muggle lady taught us.

Embrace Yourself


Despite being a muggle, Hermione did not strangle in the wizarding world and continued to be herself. She never changed her personality to dwell among the wizards and did not even let anybody tell her how she should evolve.

Although she often faced discrimination and pre-conceived notions about her background as she stems from a muggle family, she remains steadfast against muggle and house-elf discrimination.
Remember the time, when Prof.

Slughorn at dinner questions Hermione about her parent’s profession in the muggle world? Rather than feeling ashamed or alienated, she handles the situation with dignity.

She tells them that her parents are dentists and humorously shares an incident that happened while her father was operating on a young boy’s teeth.

She taught us no matter who we are and where we are, we should always be comfortable in our own skin and personality.

Being Different Isn’t Always A Drawback | Accept You’re Different


The flaws in her persona a fictional though a very real character to draw your inspiration from. No matter what the oddities were, Hermione portrays her quick-thinking aptitude and intellect.

It was Hermione who helped Harry set free his Godfather, Sirius Black, who’s technically his blood relative. She daringly went back to time through a time turner despite being aware that misfortune comes to those who mess with time. Not only did she use her intelligence to help Sirius escape, but she also safeguarded Buckbeak from being executed.

Hermione is indeed the smartest and the brightest witch of her age. Throughout the entire story, she evolves as the one who researches and reads constantly.

This is what sets her apart from the other Hogwart students. We have seen her excel in all aspects, be it academically or in friendly situations while helping Harry get rid of the world of darkness. Almost every time, Ron and Harry put themselves into sticky situations, Hermione makes use of her logical thinking to decipher the problems.

Miss Granger is the perfect example that shows that being intelligent is a strength. It doesn’t matter how much the peers make fun of you being a nerd, in the end, it’s you who’s gonna spearhead everyone in all aspects.

This can better be implied when Hermione’s intelligence acted as the cornerstone in Harry’s defeat of Voldemort.

Bravely Face Your Fears, Never Surrender


I know we all at some point while reading or watching Harry Potter tried putting ourselves in the trio’s shoes. What was the consequence?

We just realized that it isn’t easy to survive in the wizarding world, especially when you’re a friend like TheSeeker! (Pun intended, no offense for Harry, he’s love!)

Remember, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where Hermione’s boggart disguised as Professor McGonagall told her that she had failed in all her exams? It was the time when Hermione reveals that her biggest fear is failure.

Hermione taught us that despite strenuous efforts, the persistent fear of failure is okay! It’s not weird to be afraid of failing for a task you worked hard for.

Not All Girls Prefer To Be Deemed Delicate


Since the beginning, Hermione broke the stereotype and depicted that not all women are dainty and fragile. She stood up to trolls, performed powerful spells, and saved Buckbeak;

she did everything that not even the guys dared to do. What else? Aren’t we forgetting the major instance? Yeah, Hermione showcased her bravery when she fought against Death Eaters.

Rowling has indeed done the best when he crafted Hermione’s character distinct from the typical girl’s picture.

Unlike other girls, she doesn’t sit at the playground doing anything and just looks at boys playing. Hermione was not in the league to be tagged as ‘delicate and helpless’ like the other ladies.

However, there were moments when Hermione appeared as other girls. Yeah, when she was at the Yule Ball and at Bill & Fleur’s wedding.

Even being all fearless, she wasn’t resilient to look girly or wear make-up and dresses. Nevertheless, Hermione had carved her personality in a way that she can never be classified as dainty.

Stand Up And Confront The Bullies


Hermione is in fact a true Gryffindor, someone who is unapologetic and fearlessly faces the bully. Being a girl doesn’t mean that you will sit back and suffer in the hands of bullies.

How can we forget Hermione teaching a lesson to the spoilt rich brat, Malfoy! When both Harry and Ron made furious moves towards Malfoy, Hermione got there first and literally Smacked the brat. She hit him hard on the face with all the strength she could muster.

Physical Beauty Doesn’t Define Your Worth


Hermione was exasperated when she heard Ron’s states his preference of going to the Yule Ball all alone rather than a girl whom he finds unattractive.

She says, “Oh, I see, so basically, you’re going to take the best-looking girl who’ll have you, even if she’s completely horrible?”

Despite that Hermione’s character in Harry Potter as well as Emma Watson, both the women are attractive and beautiful, this was not the central notion. It was clear that Hermione was genuinely interested in the guy whom she dates, and his fame or charm was not the reason she fell for him!

We, as readers can pluck out a flower from Hermione’s garland, and emphasize on primary traits overlooks when choosing a partner or friend.

Have Pride In Your Knowledge


Hermione’s thirst for knowledge was crystal clear when she took the time turner to get to classes, even though it seemed a bit crazy. She gave preference to her scholastic endeavors, and never let anyone’s perception of her stop her from being herself.

Did Hermione give up on the insults or mockery she faced? No!! Even when Ron and her teacher Severus Snape tagged her a ‘know-it-all’, she rebuffed the insult and became ‘the radiant witch of her age.

Not only this, we have to see Hermione saving the lives and the grades of her friends, Ron & Harry, multiple times throughout the narration.

Fight For The One’s You Care


Hermione was the kindest and whomsoever she loved, she did it with all of her heart. Her deep love for Harry as a friend steered her to fight for him. While her romantic inclination towards Ron made her fight for him in multiple ways.

Does it all end at this? She even fought for her parents by altering their memories, ultimately safeguarding them because of her love for them.

Friendship Overtakes Everything


Hermione and Ron were the pillars on which Harry built his entire castle of life. They did not even fear death while saving each other that’s the perfect instance of how strong a bond should be.

Although Ron and Harry were Hermione’s best friends, she had also a soft corner for the people she cared for. Hermione did struggle to build the case in Buckbeak’s defense and helped Hagrid, who wasn’t even of her age group.

Hermione’s involvement was indispensable to Harry’s safety and the success of the Horcruxes’ destruction. She spent a great time researching everything from the Sorcerer’s Stone to the potion so that Harry can make it during the Triwizard Tournament.

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Have Your Own Say


Hermione was indeed a sanctimonious person when it came to rules. Although she was against breaking the rules, she herself broke them many times.

She always suggested Ron and Harry not break the rules, but at times when she broke them, those were the times of utmost necessity. She didn’t even hesitate to go against Hoghwarth’s policies.

Books and Brilliance make Hermione stand out from every character in Harry Potter.

Not only this, she taught us there exist friendship and bravery that are of greater importance in our life! She has showcased heroism in multiple instances, thus making herself an inspiration to many young female readers.

She evolves as a ferocious and loyal friend that every individual would desire to befriend. The place that Hermione Granger has carved in her reader’s and viewers’ hearts will always be reserved for her. What are the lessons you learned from Hermione? How has her character helped to evolve as an individual? Share your views in the comments!

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