Feminist Anthems That Deserve More Recognition

Feminist Anthems That Deserve More Recognition

Women are amazing. Sometimes, however, the world needs a reminder of that fact, and that’s why these songs exist. Check out our list of feminist anthems that we feel deserve a lot more appreciation than they’ve received, and let us know if you agree!

The Man – Taylor Swift

The Man - Taylor Swift

In The Man, Taylor Swift talks about how women are criticized for the same things men are praised for. She also comments on the objectification and sexualization of women, toxic masculinity, and patriarchy. While the music video for the song did bag a couple of awards, the song in itself deserves much more recognition.

Woman’s World – Little Mix

Woman's World - Little Mix

While the British group has many songs celebrating women, Woman’s World sticks out. The song discusses the inequalities women face in their daily lives. The lines, “If you never shouted to be heard, you ain’t lived in a woman’s world,” are way too powerful as they highlight how women are ignored and their opinions undervalued.

Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya

Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya

Daya brings us this iconic song with its catchy, upbeat tune to clarify that she’s not just going to sit still and look pretty like she’s expected to do as a woman. The song gives women the message of nonconformity, self-acceptance, and independence. It tells them they don’t need to sit around and wait for a guy because “this queen don’t need a king.” 

Pretty Girl – Maggie Lindemann

Pretty Girl - Maggie Lindemann

Women have been thought of as just a “pretty face” for far too long now, and Maggie Lindemann challenges that notion in this song. If a girl is pretty, then that’s all that people notice about her, and her other qualities are overlooked. It’s a song to tell everyone that there’s more to someone than physical appearance. 

Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld

Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld

You’re not like most girls” is a sentence that guys say to make girls feel special. Hailee, however, reassures us that being like “most girls” is not a bad thing. The song celebrates women who come in different shapes and sizes, have different dreams, ambitions, lifestyles, and passions.

Nightmare – Halsey

Nightmare - Halsey

Halsey calls out sexist issues like slut-shaming and cat-calling in this song. She is angry about how she and women are treated, which reflects in her tone as she sings the chorus. She also makes it obvious with the line, “I’m tired and angry, but somebody should be.” The song also came at a time when it was really needed.

Nameless, Faceless – Courtney Barnett

Nameless, Faceless - Courtney Barnett

The song discusses male chauvinism and how women are scared to be out alone at night. It also talks about online trolls who are nameless and faceless, hiding behind their computer screens and usernames. The song’s tone may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but pay close attention to the lyrics.

Ain’t Your Mama – Jennifer Lopez

Ain't Your Mama - Jennifer Lopez

In this song written by Meghan Trainor, JLo sings about how women are stereotypically expected to do all the housework in a relationship while their male SOs laze around, playing video games. She tells him that she’s not his mother and she’s “too good for that,” meaning the way he’s treating her. The theme is pretty similar to Trainor’s song Dear Future Husband.

What other songs do you think deserve to be on the list?

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