6 Fictional Comfort Characters You Can Take Advice From

6 Fictional Comfort Characters You Can Take Advice From

We all have a list of comfort characters and love gurus that we like to watch and rewatch as they continue to provide a sense of reassurance and joy. Still, a few of these comfort characters could be our love gurus who can give us genuine advice based on their relationships and experiences based on their characters in the movie/tv shows.

6 Fictional Comfort Characters You Can Take Advice From

Jim Halpert – The Office


From the list of comfort characters and love gurus, our first character is Jim Halpert. Jim came a long way from being a best friend to a loving and doting husband to Pam during the show’s run. He knew how to keep his relationship fresh and exciting and ensured that Pam was always happy and secure. He’s adorable, funny, and loving, and initially planned an amazing proposal for Pam. What more could a girl want?

Marshall Eriksen – How I Met Your Mother


Marshall and Lily’s relationship is one of the best in television history as they are truly the definition of being down with love. Marshall is shown as the best boyfriend everyone deserves as he is extremely loyal and super forgiving towards Lily. His relationship with Lily is not the only perfect aspect of his personality but everyone else he is friends with.

Jahangir Khan – Dear Zindagi


This movie, Dear Zindagi, is refreshing, informative, and entertaining. Watching Alia Bhatt’s character go through life and dating experiences while navigating through her professional career with the guidance of her therapist, Dr. Jahangir, was truly relatable for many of us. Dr. Jug is exceptionally charming, and instead of blaming Kiara for her choices, he helps her address her problems and move past them. 

Seo Dal-mi – Start-Up


Being under the impression that Nam Do San is the man who wrote her letters about fifteen years ago, Seo Dal-Mi could not help developing feelings for him. She realized that there were certain differences between the person she knew, Nam Do-San, and the man he had become. However, whenever she saw him, her heart would tell her to choose him over everyone and everything.

Unfortunately, Seo Dal Mi runs into failure along the way, but she has no regrets for the choices she has made for herself. She continues to follow whatever her heart says and adheres to her decisions regarding her love life or career.

Phil Dunphy – Modern Family


Phil is truly the dream husband that every person deserves. He put Claire on a pedestal and reminded her how much he was in love with her every minute. He took responsibility and was indeed a partner to Claire in every sense of the word. He is earnest, truthful, loving, and extremely loyal, making him the ideal person for advice.

Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones


Even though our Khaleesi didn’t get her happy ending, but she truly loved with all her heart. Be it Khal Drogo, Jon Snow, or her dragons, she did everything and beyond for them. She was fearless in love and sacrificed all she had for it.

Darcy – Pride & Prejudice


He is rich, respectful, chivalrous, and extremely handsome. He maintained a reserved demeanor while demanding her attention in front of Elizabeth. If you want to be most desirable and want to play hard to get while also charming your crush, Mr. Darcy is here to save the day with his advice as a love guru.

Hermione Granger- Harry Potter


‘Beauty with brains’ is what defines Hermione Granger perfectly. Sharp on wit, sweet, and caring for her friends. She blends into different roles perfectly and is quite unapologetic in her ways of life. She knows when is the right time for something. At the age of 14, she did not shy away from flirting with international athlete wizards, and at the same time, she knew that it would take some time for Ron to mature and grow up into the man she would like to spend her life with.

How she advises Harry Potter regarding Cho tells us she knows how to read minds or at least please the one who should be. The ultimate dating advice from Hermione should be: “Keep it simple and keep it real.”

Which are your comfort characters and love gurus? And who would you go to for advice? Comment below and let us know!

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