Things To Learn From The Characters Of Heartstopper

Heartstopper is a wholesome show depicting exciting love and friendships among teenagers. The series is an adaptation based on the webcomic and graphic novel series by Alice Oseman. In this heartwarming series, some characters explore their sexuality in a society where people are bullied based on their identity.

Though the series is heartwarming with some sweet graphics, it shows the real challenges of the teenage years. And even with flaws, each character has something to teach us. Let’s take a closer look at what this group of Gen Z wants us to learn.

Things To Learn From The Characters
Of Heartstopper

Charlie Spring: Don’t apologize for your existence

Charlie Spring: Cast Of Heartstopper

Charlie is the sweetest friend to all. He is always nice to people, but somehow, because of how his mates have treated him at school, he thinks he is the reason for his close one’s suffering. Well, that’s not true. Being nice is fine unless people start taking advantage of you.

Saying sorry is okay only when you make a mistake. If you are always apologizing to people, you are just sorry for your existence. Probably you do not realize it, but your existence has made some people’s lives better. 

Nick Nelson: Always stand for the right things

Nick Nelson : Cast Of Heartstopper

A cool Rugby player, Nick Nelson, hangs out with the famous bullies of the school. Is he the same? Probably not. Sometimes in our childhood, we make friends in innocence, and when we grow up, they turn out to be bad to others. We don’t realize this any sooner than when we are in our teenage years. And breaking friendship with such so-called friends becomes difficult if we are the loyal ones.

We understand the dilemma but, it’s not impossible. Always stand for the right things and the right people. Be brave and have the freedom to make a choice. 

Elle Argent: Change is necessary and is beautiful

Elle Argent: Cast Of Heartstopper

Elle Argent teaches us that change is necessary and is beautiful. We cannot go back to the old times. So, why not just start something new and create new memories. Also, it is a challenge to blend into a new environment but let’s take this as an opportunity to develop confidence and new friendships. Let’s learn from what the change brings to us. 

Tao Xu: Call your friend and have a heart to heart

Tao Xu: Cast Of Heartstopper

We all have been insecure about losing our friends when they make a new friend at some point in our lives. Tao was afraid to lose his friends too, and he didn’t want to be left alone. So whenever you feel that the spark in your friendship is fading, call your friend and have a heart to heart. This way, you will have an answer and not assumptions. Also, remember no one can replace you. We all have a distinct place in other people’s life. 

Tara Jones: Don’t be afraid and confront the bullies

Tara Jones : Cast Of Heartstopper

Are people bullying you that you came out or just because you are different from them? Tara Jones is a perfect example of braveness. When Tara Jones came out, she faced a negative situation but she confronted the bullies and was brave to reveal who she was.  

Darcy Olsson: Have confidence in yourself

Darcy Olsson: Cast Of Heartstopper

What Darcy has taught us is that regardless of what your identity is, have confidence in yourself. When you are comfortable with yourself, the people around you will also get comfortable with your personality. It all starts with you. 

If you are a Gen Z, share some of your teenage years’ insights with us. 

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