6 Most Intriguing Celebrity Interviews Of All Time

6 Most Intriguing Celebrity Interviews Of All Time

Interviews often give us a peek into the worlds of our favorite celebrities. From actors and YouTubers to writers and artists, these celebrity interviews manage to delve deep into their work, life, views, and much more. If you google every possible information about your favorite celebs and love to watch podcasts and interviews, this is the right place.

Read ahead to find out why these conversations captured the audience’s attention and their impact on people’s perception of these famous people and their work. So, grab a cup of coffee then, and let’s discover some of the most fascinating celebrity interviews of all time.

6 Most Intriguing Celebrity Interviews Of All Time

Ali Sethi With Film Companion


The man behind the most googled song of 2022, Ali Sethi is known for his music, the ability to blend the old and the new flawlessly, and much more. In this particular interview with Anupama Chopra, however, it is absolutely marvelous to watch him talk about ghazals – making the form of poetry accessible to everyone. If you are a fan of his music, you’d be in awe watching him dissect different gharanas, talk about how these are related to one another, and how music will continue to be an indispensable part of our lives. 

Ali Sethi has also authored a book titled “The Wish Maker” – a novel known for its simple style, depiction of ordinary life in Pakistan, and gender roles. For all the people who adore his music and want to pick his brain more, he throws light on issues that often go undiscussed – censorship, politics, art forms acting as bridges between borders despite political turmoils, and partition and its legacies. You’d love his work more after watching this conversation for sure.

Quint – Bollywood’s role in India’s heated political environment

In this celebrity Interview, Swara Bhasker, Varun Grover, Anubhav Sinha, Renuka Shahane, and Neeraj Ghaywan – some of the well-known celebs in contemporary Bollywood- discuss how the movie industry has a role in shaping people’s perceptions. It isn’t new that people associated with the movie industry have been rather trolled for not speaking out on issues broader than ones concerning entertainment. It is rather intriguing to get the perspective of these people on why many celebrities chose to remain silent or neutral and what the consequences could be for not being so. 

Swara Bhasker is known for being outspoken, and Varun Grover and his political satires aren’t unknown either. However, as the host, Meghnad Bose, progresses with the conversation, we get to delve deeper into how famous personalities’ backlash on social media deeply affects their psyche. The roundtable brings out a more humane and relatable side of the industry that we often miss, and of course, Grover’s wit never lets the audience down.


King Khan is, of course, one of the greatest personalities of the time, but apart from his romantic charisma, SRK’s sharp and witty comebacks have a separate fan base altogether. We have all seen clips of him being hilarious and, quite frankly, savage in interviews, promotions, and everywhere. 

This AIB podcast/celebrity interview features SRK engaging in witty banter with the team while also giving humorous insights into his journey and what it is like to be famous. Super engaging from the beginning, SRK trying to rephrase everything into “politically correct statements” is especially hilarious. Divided into two parts, this podcast will instantly lighten your mood. If you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan and haven’t watched this, what are you waiting for?

Film Companion with Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam has been one of the most cherished YouTubers in the country – with BB ki vines and his astounding ability to play multiple characters. He had ventured into the world of web series with his Dhindhora – a product of the classic BB universe starring various recurring characters of his. 

In this celebrity interview and conversation with Anupama Chopra, he gives his audience some insights into his latest web series on Disney + Hotstar – Taaza Khabar. With his usual charm and intrinsic sense of humor, he discusses the nuances of being a social media celebrity and what it is like for an ordinary person to chase their dream of stepping into Bollywood.

His guy-next-door anecdotes punched with lessons learned are genuinely intriguing. If you have followed his work over the years, this is a super cool interview that would give a glimpse of his personality beyond what we usually see.

Unfiltered by Samdish ft. Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi has rightfully received immense love for his acting and portraying a range of characters in the last few years. From the anti-hero in Ludo to the loving Dad in Mimi – Tripathi has done it all. Samdish Bhatia brings out the man behind these characters in a rather witty conversation with Pankaj Tripathi. As the title suggests, the conversation follows the actor’s life, moments that stand out for him, and his PoVs on things you might want to know about.

Tripathi takes the viewers back to the local theaters that we might have heard stories of and his life as a theater actor in Patna. His dissection of the methods of acting, the difference between acting on stage and in films, and how he portrays dark characters with so much conviction is truly informative. Head over to the YouTube Channel Unfiltered By Samdish to watch this super fun and fascinating conversation with Pankaj Tripathi. 

Salman Rushdie and Arundhati Roy

Rushdie and Roy are both known for their unapologetic views on extremism, politics, and immensely powerful writing. Rushdie has been in the news since his book “The Satanic Verses” was published in 1988, followed by a fatwa and severe threats from extremists worldwide. Roy is particularly known for her Booker Prize Winning book “The God of Small Things.

The two personalities discussing literature, different forms of writing, India’s political stand, and the inherent communalism upon 50 years of India’s independence are what make the conversation so intriguing. Although it’s been more than two decades since the interview, it remains relevant even in the present context, especially following the recent attack on Rushdie. A must-watch interview for all fans of literature in general and these two authors in particular, the hour-long conversation with American Journalist Barbara Crosette is available on YouTube.

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