8 Career Lessons To Learn From Miranda Priestly

Career Lessons To Learn From Miranda Priestly Character

Although in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly is a fictional character, we believe these points are vital to having a successful career. Have you noticed that although she has been referred to as the Devil, her last name is completely ironic to that fact?

Read on to see how Miranda Priestly became the best and the most respected person in the fashion industry.

8 Career Lessons To Learn From
Miranda Priestly

Confidence is Key


Throughout the movie, the character of Miranda Priestly never once wavers or loses her cool demeanor. Even when it seems like her entire career may be hanging by a thread, she plays it diplomatically and doesn’t let go of everything she’s built over the years.

Andy, too, held her ground as Miranda grilled her during her interview, which convinced the latter to hire her.

Have Your Priorities in Order


Whether it’s your career or relationships, prioritizing is always the best course of action. However, if you want to focus on your career, you may have to compromise on your relationships and vice-versa. 

Make sure whichever you choose doesn’t come at the cost of the other. And remember to surround yourself with those who’ll always be supportive of your choices!

Don’t Stop Grinding


Once Miranda became Editor-in-Chief, she could have slowed down and let her subordinates do all the hard work. However, she didn’t, which made her the best in the business. Her hard work helped Runway reach the top and stay in that position for years to come.

Take a Chance


Miranda took a chance by hiring the “smart, fat girl” who was different from her former assistants. And while Andy initially sucked at her job, she learned the ropes very quickly and eventually became one of the best assistants Miranda ever had. So much so that Miranda even claimed she saw herself in Andy.

Always Do Your Research


Research is an essential skill to have in any field. Miranda proved that she knew her stuff with her iconic speech on Andy’s “cerulean” sweater.

We can also learn from Andy in the initial scenes to do our homework, like when she didn’t know how to spell “Gabbana,” which is ghastly if you’re working in the fashion industry.

Be Direct, Don’t Beat Around the Bush


Miranda was known for being direct with her speech, and it didn’t matter if she came off as rude. Even when she was sarcastic, her tone said it all. 

The best part about Miranda’s speaking style was that she was soft-spoken and was still the loudest person in the room. Scarier, too.

Always Pay Attention


Miranda may have appeared dismissive, but she was always paying attention to her surroundings. That is exactly how she knew her boss was planning to replace her and managed to stop it. 

Andy, too, showed stellar improvement in her work as she observed and learned from Miranda. When given the opportunity, learn from the people you work with.

The Toughest Bosses Teach (and Appreciate) You the Most


As the dynamic between Andy and Miranda eventually showed us, the mentors that are the toughest on you will teach you the most because they push you to become the best version of yourself. Miranda did the same with Andy and never excused her mistakes, pushed her to try harder, which paid off in the end! To be the best in the business, be like Miranda Priestly.

Let us know in the comments what other lessons you learned from the Miranda Priestly character.

Cover image: The Devil Wears Prada/Fox 2000 Pictures

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