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Locations have always been an indispensable cultural title in the ever-expanding mosaic of popular TV shows. Often as a statement, a tribute or a commemoration, Breathtaking locations have always lent a significant identity to these tv shows. It’s been an era of fashionable and gorgeous locations which has further highlighted the beauty of these shows. 

Here are a select few breathtaking
locations from TV shows in 2021



When the lockdown blues had taken a toll on our mental health, Bridgeton came to the rescue with its raunchy romance,  gorgeous balls, and gorgeous locations. this whimsical drama includes grand country houses to pretty parklands. We are here to tell you some of the places where your favorite show was shot: 

  1. Ranger’s house, Greenwich London
  2. Holburne Museum, Bath, Somerset 
  3. Royal Crescent, Bath, Somerset 
  4. Dockyard Chatham, Chatham, Kent 
  5. Castle Howard, North Yorkshire 
  6. Wilton House, Salisbury, Wiltshire 
  7. Badminton House, Gloucestershire 
  8. Syon House, Brentford, Greater London 
  9. Theatre Royal Brighton, East Sussex 
  10. Painshill Park, Cobham, Surrey

The Witcher

The Witcher

As you all know, this series is based on a bestselling book series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The characters live and die in a universe full of fantasy locations like Cintra, Aretuza, Redania, or Nilfgaard. Here are some of the gorgeous locations this series was shot: 

  1. Isle of Skye in Scotland 
  2. Sighisoara
  3. Coldharbour Wood, West Sussex
  4. Bourne Wood in Farnham
  5. Cave near Kaer Morhen 
  6. Hodge Close Quarry in Lake District 
  7. Gordale scar at Yorkshire Dale National park 
  8. Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire 
  9. Blea Tarn in Lake District 
  10. Frensham Common 

Squid game

Squid game

This year’s most-watched Netflix series had quirky aesthetics and terrifying premises. You might be wanting to know the locations in which this Korean hit was filmed. Here are the  filming locations which are gorgeous and you can visit in Korea: 

  1. Daejeon 
  2. Seongapdo Island, Incheon 
  3. Ssangmun-dong, Seoul 
  4. Incheon International Airport 
  5. Jeju 
  6. Demilitarized Zone Tour (DMZ) 
  7. Daeharko 
  8. Seoul National University 

Money Heist

Money Heist

We are talking about your favorite series now, you should know that it was filmed all around the globe. If you didn’t we are here to help you out, here are the locations where the series was shot according to Klook: 

  1. The Spanish National Research Council 
  2. Colmenar Viejo, Madrid 
  3. Royal Mint’s printing room 
  4. La Casa De Toledo was a wedding banquet in Spain
  5. Callos Square, Madrid 
  6. Netflix studio in Tres Cantos, Madrid 
  7. Abadia De Parraces 
  8. Guna Yana Islands in Panama 
  9. Pattaya, Thailand 

Sex Education

Sex Education

The most anticipated series of this year also had some jaw-dropping locations added to its name. here are a few :

  1. Milburn House, Wye valley, wales 
  2. Caravan park where Maeve lives- Sterrett’s Caravan Park 
  3. Eric’s house-Old Farmhouse Mews
  4. Moordale School- University of South Wales 
  5. The school hall- The paget rooms
  6. Otis and Eric’s ride to school- The old Railways bridge in Tintern 
  7. Aimee’s house- Bigsweir House
  8. The Forest of Dean 
  9. The France trip- Folkestone 
  10. Browns Village Stores – Browns general store 

Fate, The Winx saga

Fate, the Winx saga

The series is centered around a mysterious world known as the “otherworld” where fairies and magic were real. Can you visit the locations in real life? Read next to find out. here are the locations that you can visit from this series:

  1. Wicklow, south of Dublin 
  2. Killruddery House and Gardens as the fairy school 
  3. Wicklow Mountains national park 
  4. County Wicklow’s coast 
  5. Ashford Studios 

Dash and Lily

Dash and Lily

An American romantic Comedy-drama, Dash and Lilly are shot in the following beautiful locations: 

  1. Bethesda fountain 
  2. Cha-An
  3. Grand Central Terminal 
  4. Macy’s 
  5. McSorley’s 

Emily in Paris season 2

Emily in Paris season 2

The aesthetics of Paris have never been so beautifully captured. This year’s most awaited series was shot in the following locations: 

  1. Bateaux Mouches 
  2. Villefranche-sur-Mer
  3. Grand-Hotel du cap-Ferrat 
  4. Paloma Beach 
  5. Senequier 
  6. Versailles 
  7. LE Marche D’aligre 
  8. Le café Marly
  9. LA Samaritaine 
  10. Le Champo Cinema 

YOU (season 3)

YOU (season 3)

This psychological thriller stole the heart of fans all across the globe. The series was mostly shot in California. But where let us find out. 

  1. Orion Avenue, Van Nuys, CA, USA
  2. West Riverside Drive, Burbank 
  3. South Pasadena Public Library, Oxley Street, South Pasadena 



This series was shot in and around Vancouver in British Colombia. Let us know some more filming locations. 

  1. Rocko’s diner as Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe 
  2. Lord byng secondary high school as Riverdale High School
  3. Gymnasium in John Oliver Secondary High School
  4. Football field in Kerrisdale park 
  5. Andrew’s house in 2037 East 3rd Avenue in Vancouver 

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The Most Versatile Disney+ Hotstar Web Series



The Most Versatile Disney+Hotstar Web Series
Looking for investors

Disney+Hotstar has one of the most varied kinds of catalogs when it comes to web-series. When it comes to choosing a web series for casual viewing or binge-watching, one can get too overwhelmed as to which web series to watch. Recently different kinds of web series streamed on Disney+Hotstar, that you can stream, ranging from spine-chilling thrillers to hilarious comedies.

The Most Versatile Disney+ Hotstar Web Series

Rudra: The Edge of Darkness

Rudra: The Edge of Darkness Web Series - Watch First Episode For Free on  Hotstar CA

A psychopath goes on a spree targeting Mumbai police, murdering uniformed officers. The only way Rudra can reach him is by rendering himself the killer’s victim. Rudra can review a past case in which a member of a cult suspected of murder resurfaces after more than ten years of hiding, abducting, and murdering women to suck their blood.

The Freelancer

The Freelancer Review: Anupam Kher, Mohit Raina Series Deserves A Watch For  Its Gritty Storytelling - News18

Inspired by the book ‘A Ticket To Syria,’ an ex-police officer turned freelance Avinash Kamath, aka ‘The Freelancer, undertakes the difficult job of rescuing Aliya, a freshly married girl stranded in devastated by war Syria amid the background of increasing ISIS terrorism.



The illicit drug mafia and unlawful groups intend to kill his entire family. In reaction, Aarya joined the gangs. The show follows her road towards becoming a crime queen who wants revenge on the people who killed her spouse. In addition, she looks for her three children.

Pam & Tommy

Pam & Tommy tells Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s troubled three-year marriage, with a focus on the burglary and illegal sale and distribution of an iconic sex tape that the pair secretly recorded during their honeymoon.

Criminal Justice

The series follows Aditya Sharma’s (Vikrant Massey) life after he is wrongfully convicted of killing Sanaya Rath (Madhurima Roy). The series is divided into ten episodes. The series begins by presenting Aditya Sharma, a cab driver of a middle-class family.


Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo

A family led by a tough grandmother runs the biggest drug organization in South Asia, deep within the mythological surroundings of Runjh Pradesh. Rani Cooperative, which advertises itself as a homeopathic and doll-making business, is a successful and wealthy business run solely by women.

Special Ops

The narrative features Himmat Singh from the Research and Analysis Wing, who notices identical trends in terrorist incidents and believes a single individual is responsible for all of them. His task force consisting of five agents who reside in different regions of the world seeks to capture the mastermind.

The Great Indian Murder

Popular Vicky Rai, a Delhi industrialist, gets involved in the rape and murder of two underage girls. Vicky throws a celebration after his release from jail. Jagannath Rai is disappointed by the CM and wants Vicky’s assistance in taking revenge. In this current day, police apprehend two killing suspects who have guns on them.


Taaza Khabar

Vasya’s life in the slums is difficult. His sole relief and love interest is Madhu, an illicit prostitute. One day, his charity is repaid as he receives an elderly lady’s blessings. Only Vasya’s buddy Peter trusts in his condition, and they decide to use his newfound authority by attempting to sell an antique vase.

The Night Manager

Shantanu ‘Shaan’ Sengupta, a retired Lieutenant from the Indian Navy, is now employed as a night manager in a five-star hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh during the Rohingya genocide in 2017. Safina Kidwai, a 14-year-old girl wedded to the famous hotel’s main owner, Freddie Rehman, approaches Shaan for help in escaping to India. After his refusal, she grabs his phone and secretly records a discussion involving Shailendra ‘Shelly’ Rungta and her spouse about purchasing and importing illicit weapons into Bangladesh.

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Highest Grossing Indian Movies of All Time



Highest Grossing Indian Movies of All Time
Looking for investors

Highest Grossing Indian Movies of All Time

India is the country which produces the highest number of films in the world in a year.

This happens because of the different states and languages that are present in the country, which often help our country to showcase the variation of stories that we have and the range that we have which often end up making a huge mark in the global charts. Today we will discuss these films.

2.0 (2018)

10th number on our Highest grossing Indian movies of all time list. 2.0 a follow-up to Shankar’s Robot (2010) is called 2.0. In that movie, a robot becomes conscious, believes humans are a lower species, and becomes determined to rule the entire planet. The current movie centers on Chitti’s rebirth during the “fifth force” attack on the planet. The film opens with an elderly ornithologist named Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar) taking his own life. From that day forward, odd things continue to occur.


Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar's '2.0' Release Pushed to April 2018?

People’s mobile phones in Chennai seem to fly away from one another. Subsequently, cell phones are implicated as a killing weapon in two murders: the chief of a wireless service provider and the largest mobile dealer in the city. Investigative support is requested from the scientific community.

Secret Superstar (2017)

Insia comes from a rather traditional household, despite her intense love for music. Her mother quietly permits her to pursue her love of singing, even if her father forbids her from developing her gift.

Secret Superstar - Official Trailer | Zaira Wasim | Aamir Khan | Superhit  Hindi Movie - YouTube

She starts sharing her songs online under aliases and becomes well-known across the country, even among music business insiders. Her struggle to become independent and pursue her goal of becoming a musician is depicted in the film.


PK (2014)

PK is a situation-driven comedy about an outsider in the city, PK (Aamir Khan) who asks questions no one else has. The questions are innocent, child-like queries, yet the answers are disastrous. People who have been stuck in their ways of life for generations have to rethink the world around them when they see it through PK’s innocent eyes.

PK Trailer (First Official Teaser) - 2014 Most Anticipated Movie

In the process, PK makes both devoted friends and powerful rivals. Heals broken lives and enrages the structure of society. P. K.’s naive curiosity leads to a spiritual journey for him as well as hundreds of thousands of others.

The movie is a daring and creative study of complicated philosophical ideas. It additionally serves as a simple and heartfelt story about love, laughter, and letting go. Finally, it’s a touching story about a bond between strangers.


Animal (2018)

Ranvijay Singh Balbir returns after eight years to protect his father Balbir Singh following an attempt on his life, which leads him to discover the darkest secrets of his family.

Is There Going to Be Animal 2?

The film is a love story between the character of Ranvijay Singh Balbir, played by Ranbir Kapoor, and his father, Balbir Singh, played by Anil Kapoor.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

Pawan, a devoted Indian Hindu meets a mute Pakistani Muslim girl named Munni. Pawan grows a more accepting, compassionate man as an outcome of Munni’s positive impact. Bajrangi Bhaijaan brings two people from very different origins together in an alternate father-daughter friendship. Of course, Pawan faces numerous challenges in bringing Munni home.


Bajrangi Bhaijaan': Best kind of Salman Khan spectacle in India-Pakistan  film - India Today

There are as many bitter situations to watch in Bajrangi Bhaijaan as there are good moments. It’s an extremely moving experience that promotes peace among individuals.

Pathaan (2023)

Indian Intelligence agent “Pathaan” (Shah Rukh Khan) learns of a huge upcoming attack on India, carried out by a hired killer squad lead by the brutal mystery Jim (John Abraham), who has his history.

Pathaan (2023) - Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date - BookMyShow

With the doom clock ticking and his only possible friend, agent Rubai (Deepika Padukone), Pathaan must fight multiple deceit and confront destruction as he fights Jim.


Jawan (2023)

Jawan movie review & film summary (2023) | Roger Ebert

A guy is motivated by an agenda to right injustices in society while upholding an agreement he made years before. He encounters a fearless terrible outlaw who has brought immense distress to many.

KGF: 2 (2022)

Yash starrer KGF Chapter 2 Releases Today Where to Watch, Trailer, Movie  Review, Box Office, HD download, book Tickets – India TV

The blood-soaked kingdom of Kolar Gold Fields now has a new ruler, Rocky, whose name instills dread in his opponents. His allies look to him as a rescuer, the authorities regard him as an enemy, and his opponents demand vengeance.

RRR (2022)

Jr NTR and Ram Charan's RRR postponed indefinitely due to spike in Covid-19  cases - India Today

A courageous rebel and a British officer who once had a profound friendship choose to join the forces and create an inspiring road of freedom against dictatorial regimes.


Dangal (2016)

Dangal (2016) | MUBI

At the top position of Highest grossing Indian movies of all time list is none other than Dangal. Mahavir Singh Phogat, a former professional wrestler, chooses to pursue his goal of earning a gold medal for his nation by training both of his daughters in the Commonwealth Games, despite prevailing social stigmas.

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Alia Bhatt’s Stellar Filmography



Alia Bhatt Movies
Looking for investors

Alia Bhatt is one of the most prolific Bollywood Actresses in the contemporary space of Bollywood, who has also ventured into Hollywood last year. She has proved her talent through numerous films and started her career at the mere age of 19 with the Karan Johar directorial Student of the Year (2011).

Known for her depictions of women in challenging scenarios, she has won several accolades, including a National Film Award and six Filmfare Awards. She is one of India’s highest-paid actresses of Bollywood, appearing on Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list since 2014 and receiving the Time100 Impact Award in 2022. Today, on her special day, we will take a look at the most celebrated Alia Bhatt movies in Bollywood.

Alia Bhatt’s Stellar Filmography

2 States (2013)

A romantic journey of a culturally contrasting couple, Krish Malhotra and Ananya Swaminathan. They meet at IIM-Ahmedabad College and fall in love while participating in the program. Complications emerge when the program ends and they decide to marry. Krish and Ananya are from separate states in India. Krish, a North Indian Punjabi kid from Delhi, and Ananya, a Tamil Brahmin from Chennai.


Watch 2 States Full movie Online In HD | Find where to watch it online on Justdial

They make an intentional decision: they will not marry until both of their parents agree. Everything goes wrong once the parents meet. There is a dispute over culture, and the parents are against the wedding.

To turn their love tale into a loving marriage, the pair must confront a difficult challenge. Because it is simple to put up barriers and resist, but far more difficult to persuade.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania (2017)

Badrinath Ki Dulhania (2017) - Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date - BookMyShow

Badri, the rich man’s son, encounters Vaidehi during a wedding, and flames flare between them. However, when he desires little more than to marry her, she wishes to follow her ambition of becoming an air hostess.


Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahaani (2023)

Dhanlaxmi Randhawa is a prideful businesswoman who considers her spouse Kanwal to be a loser and never allows her son Tijori to get attached to him. Kanwal was involved in an accident and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Prime Video: Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

Years later, he experiences certain occurrences in his life and uses the name Jamini. The doctors encourage them to trace Jamini since it could help them regain their grandfather/father. Rocky, his grandson who is considerably closer to him, tracks down Jamini Chatterjee and discovers that her granddaughter is Rani Chatterjee, a popular anchor.

Rocky sees Rani tells her about Kanwal and asks her grandmother whether she knows him. Rani doesn’t take him seriously, but Jamini reveals the truth.


Raazi (2018)

Raazi is amongst the most critically acclaimed Alia Bhatt movies. During the 1971 India-Pakistan conflict, Hidayat Khan, a freedom fighter, worked as an agent for the Indian government, providing information about Pakistan.

Prime Video: Raazi

Hidayat Khan hopes that his 20-year-old daughter Sehmat continues to carry on his legacy, as death may call him at any time due to his blood tumors. Sehmat agrees to continue her father’s cultural heritage and is trained by Senior Officer Khalid Mir and his assistant Bakshi.

Hidyat is on friendly terms with Brigadier Parvez Syed, a Pakistani army officer, and chooses to marry Sehmat to his younger son, Iqbal Syed, who is also an army officer.


Raazi (2018) - IMDb

Sehmat works to settle into her newlywed status and gain the trust of her family, while simultaneously learning important intelligence about Pakistan’s plans against India, which she sends on through various intermediaries. But Sehmat is constantly skeptical of the house’s devoted cook Abdul. Will she be able to do her job?

Darlings (2018)

Badrunissa (Badru) and Hamza are deeply in love and intend to marry after Hamza receives a government job as a T. C (Ticket Collector) in Indian Railways. Still, Badru’s mother, Shamshunissa, is not pleased with her decision.

Three years later, things are not going well between Badru and Hamza since he has become an alcoholic and frequently hits Badru, demanding that she live according to his rules. He is also opposed to his building’s renovation proposal. Shamshunissa is well conscious of her daughter’s regular mistreatment and wishes for her to return home, but Badru remains hopeful that Hamza will change one day.


Darlings Movie Review: Alia Bhatt, Vijay Varma & Team - You Mad You, We Loves You, Pleaj!

Zulfi, a common acquaintance of Badru and Shamshunissa, complains to law enforcement about Hamza being a wife abuser, but with his sweet talk, Hamza persuades Badru to withdraw the accusation. On their trip home, Hamza strikes Shamshunissa, and Badru is forced to choose between her mother and her husband, ultimately choosing Hamza, causing both mom and daughter to cut connections.

A couple of days later, Badru learns of her upcoming pregnancy and joins Shamshunissa at the very same time Hamza learns through Inspector Jadhav that Zulfi has filed a complaint against him, and Badru is well aware of it. Hamza fears a sexual relationship between them and throws Badru downstairs, causing her to miscarry.

Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma and Roshan Mathew's Darlings promises to be a dark, twisty ride; film to release on Netflix on August 5

However, Badru continues to stay there; she intends to hold Hamza hostage in their home and torment him in the same way he tortured her. This is Alia’s first OTT project but this series was no less than any Alia Bhatt movies and her performance was praised.


Udta Punjab (2016)

What might a rock superstar, a migrant worker, a doctor, and a cop have something in common? Simple, Punjab! Udta Punjab brings you on an unforgettable journey with four lives and one bond. Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Diljit Dosanjh play people from all walks of life who each tackle the drug curse in their unique way.

Udta Punjab movie leaked online? Producers file complaint with cops | Udta Punjab movie leaked online? Producers file complaint with cops

The film explores the manufactured highs and actual lows that they encounter while traveling down dangerous routes. But most importantly, Udta Punjab is about the legendary Punjabi spirit, which, despite being completely down, has the nerve to stare you in the eye.

Gangubai Kathiawadi (2022)

Gangubai most recent and most successful among Alia Bhatt movies. A small girl gets sold to Rashmibai’s brothel and forced to work in the prostitution trade. When the girl refuses to accept, Rashmibai feels compelled to seek the assistance of Gangubai Kathiawadi. Gangubai Kathiawadi, also known as Ganga, desired to become an actress and fled to Mumbai with her fiance Ramnik, who sold her to Shelia Masi’s brothel.


Gangubai Kathiawadi(2022)|Alia Bhatt|Shantanu Maheshwari|Sanjay Leela Bhansali|FullMovieFacts&Review - YouTube

Gangubai had little choice but to become a prostitute, but she earned the respect of other women because she would be their primary support in their fight against Sheila Masi. Gangubai eventually forms a brotherly friendship with Don Rahim Lala. Gangubai quickly established herself as the mafia queen and aimed to improve women’s lives in her town. She chooses to enter politics, but she faces a formidable opponent in Raziabai.

Highway (2014)

A city girl, youthful and full of life, is on a highway at late midnight with her fiancé. Suddenly, her life changes from the shiny jewels of marriage to the gruesome brutality of kidnapping.

Highway (2014) directed by Imtiaz Ali • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

Her life will not be ever the same again. The gang is terrified; the girl is a wealthy industrialist’s daughter, and his connections in the halls of power make compensation impossible. However, for the leader of this organization, giving her back is not a choice. As the days pass, the countryside changes and the girl believes she has undergone shifts as well.


Slowly, a weird link forms involving the person being oppressed and the one who oppresses her. For the first time in her imprisonment, she feels carefree, happy, and peaceful.

Highway (2014) | MUBI

So which one is your favorite among the above-mentioned Alia Bhatt movies? Let us know in the comments.

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