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After almost two years of not being able to step into a theatre properly, 2022 brought some normalcy with the relaxation of Covid-restrictions. We finally went to watch our favorite actors on the big screen again.

However, we can all agree that this hasn’t exactly been a good year for Bollywood, especially with a plethora of relatable content available on the various OTTs. Plus, the intermingling of Politics and Cinema didn’t do much good.

Nonetheless, some movies managed to win our hearts and deepen our love for Bollywood. We have curated a list for your 2022 Recap in movies!


7 Bollywood Movies That Touched Everyone’s Heart In 2022


7 Bollywood Movies That Touched Our Hearts In 2022: Jhund

Jhund is a Biographical sports film based on the life and work of Vijay Barse, who founded the NGO called “Slum Soccer.” Amitabh Bachchan Playing Vijay Borade is just about stunning. The background score and the football matches spread throughout the movie make it super entertaining. Sports films are anyway fun to watch.

Apart from football, Jhund is also a commentary on how a little initiative can transform people’s lives. It also carefully tackles the issue of looking down on people who reside in slums and how this perspective affects the “slum children” in hindsight. If you haven’t watched it yet, but love Chak De India or Dangal, you would pakka love this too. 

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect : 7 Bollywood Movies That Touched Our Hearts In 2022

An IMDB-rated 8.8 Biographical Drama, Rocketry is written, directed, and produced by R. Madhavan. In his directorial debut, Madhavan highlights the story of Nambi Narayanan – an aerospace engineer with the ISRO. The movie begins with Madhavan playing Nambi, narrating his life in an interview – his days in Princeton as a scientist with ISRO and the false Espionage charges that led to his arrest and his family’s ostracization.


Spanning over a few decades, the movie shows his journey to prove himself innocent, return to the organization, and play a significant role in the Mangalyaan Mission. The story beautifully sums up into a frame showing Nambi Narayan receiving the Padma Bhushan manages to make the audience teary. Although it didn’t do great at the Box Office, the movie is a wonderful journey in itself.


7 Bollywood Movies That Touched Our Hearts In 2022: Darlings

Released in August, this was a directorial debut of Jasmeet K. Reen, and she clearly knocked it out of the park. A dark comedy that revolves around the widespread but stigmatized problem of Domestic violence, darlings provides a fresh take on the issue. You can see each of the characters evolve as the story progresses.

With an ensemble cast including Shefali Shah, Alia Bhatt, Roshan Matthew, and Vijay Varma, the acting has you completely on board within minutes. It is a movie you can keep going back to for the effortless humor (and Vijay Varma). No wonder Darlings got more than 10 million watching hours just a couple of days after release – the highest for a non-English movie in the world! 


Vikram Vedha

7 Bollywood Movies That Touched Our Hearts In 2022: Vikram Vedha (2022)

For all the Hrithik Roshan fans out there (hi-five!), he plays the good old “imaandaar chor” again! The movie is about a constant conflict between SSP Vikram and the underworld Robinhood Vedha Betal – The good and the bad. Except in a very wise concluding scene, they leave it up to the audience to decide. While it’s quite noticeable that the female characters are severely underplayed, and the “item song” Alcoholia is Jarring sparing Hrithik’s dance moves, the movie is a great thriller.

Bollywood hasn’t been able to provide its audience with an edgy thriller in a while, and this re-make of a 2017 Tamil film of the same name does fill that gap. Plus, if you are into folktales and remember the Vikram-Betaal stories, the name and the concept are inspired by that. Vikram-Vedha is a somewhat gory but entertaining thriller and is a perfect weekend watch for people who love the genre. 

Doctor G

7 Bollywood Movies That Touched Our Hearts In 2022: Doctor G

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Rakul Preet Singh, Shefali Shah, and Sheeba Chaddha, Doctor G is a “medical campus comedy” that entertains you in a classic Ayushmann Khurrana style. The plot revolves around a medical student who wants to specialize in Orthopaedics but gets a seat in Gynaecology instead. Uday’s journey toward accepting the department he has gotten into and trying to lose “the male touch” is truly intriguing.


Indraneil Sengupta’s character as a chauvinistic man beneath the facades of a progressive person plays a rather important role in providing the contrast between the two worlds highlighted in the movie. Tackling serious storylines with a humorous touch is Khurrana’s forte, anyway!

Monica, O My Darling

7 Bollywood Movies That Touched Our Hearts In 2022: Monica O My Darling

Starring Rajkumar Rao, Huma Qureshi, and Radhika Apte (😍😍😍), this movie is a dark comedy and a Crime thriller – falling into a genre described as “neo-noir.” The movie is about a man named Jayant and his journey as a crime is being investigated in his factory. You’d see hilarious twists throughout the movie, and Rao is spectacular in the scenes with his delivery and quick wit. Apte as ACP Naidu trying to solve the crime would keep you engaged throughout.

Adapted from a Japanese novel called “Burutasu No Shinzou” – this movie takes a few steps ahead of the mainstream stories. A wholesome movie combining thriller and comedy, this could be the perfect watch for New Year. 


India Lockdown

7 Bollywood Movies That Touched Our Hearts In 2022: India Lockdown

Although the name itself is self-explanatory, the movie focuses on the consequences of the nationwide lockdown that came with COVID-19. Released on 2nd December, the story presents different perspectives on lockdown and how a sudden shutdown affected different people in unfathomable ways. Life doesn’t stop, and so, much like us, these characters come up with their own ways of dealing with the problem at hand.

India Lockdown will take you back to 2020 and give you goosebumps as it reveals itself. You would remember the days at home, with uncertainty, looking forward to some normalcy. Take some time off this New Year’s eve, and watch this heartfelt story on ZEE5.

If you don’t have any plans for New Year yet, don’t worry, these movies have your back. All you have to do is get cozy and get yourself some popcorn – or whatever snack you like! 


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Unveiling Netflix’s ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’: A Perfect Gen-Z Movie




Kho Gaye Hum Kahaan

Unveiling Netflix’s ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’: A Perfect Gen-Z Movie

The year 2023 has been quite a fruitful year for Bollywood. We have seen quite a variety of films that have not compressed themselves into the typical standards of the industry. We have had action thrillers, dramas, romantic comedies, and a resurgence of a genre that had not made its appearance for quite a while – Noir (Merry Christmas).

But a film that was quick to get all the eyes on it for its unique script choice and themes was the Arjun Vairain Singh directorial Netflix film Kho Gaye Hum Kahan.

Netflix movie Kho Gaye Hum Kahan review: A timely tale that speaks directly  to Gen-Z

The thin line between real and virtual is rapidly becoming thin. Completing a particular task without checking social media posts on your phone might be considered a challenge today. Offline seemed to be labeled the new luxury. It’s become a pressing necessity in a world destroyed by the evils of virtual curses.



Two flatmates, Ahana (Ananya Panday) and Imaad (Siddhant Chaturvedi), in addition to their buddy Neil (Adarsh Gourav), think about these ideas the hard way. Imaad, a stand-up comedian, looks for comfort on Tinder, Ahana dreams about a fairy tale romance with Rohan (Rohan Gurbaxani), and Neil dreams of opening his gym, but each faces their challenges. The three of them are preparing for an awful reawakening when they see the consequences of their social media behaviors in their daily lives.

Set in Mumbai, three close friends go through life, relationships, and professional problems in this emotional-social-slice-of-life drama that untangles itself like a thriller.

What Works?

The Dynamic Between The Trio

The three of them who live in Mumbai might not fully understand the other person’s goals in life and work, but there is always an air of empathy, unspoken compassion, and a sincere attempt to be there for one another. Immersed in the mess of everyday life, they frequently look for solace not in each other’s friendship, but by surfing through social media pages and admiring the lifestyles of others who allegedly have happy lives. Their experiences of loss, romance, and ambition intersect in the virtual world, and this is at the core of Kho Gaye Hum Kahan.


Kho Gaye Hum Kahan' trailer: Of friendship and social media - The Hindu

Director Arjun Varain Singh’s slice-of-life social drama serves as a biting social satire on the existential crises of youngsters and Gen-Z as a whole. His urban narrative reflects our current mental state. How did documenting moments turn into making content? Why did swiping right and left take over our lives? What begins as a light-hearted friendship story quickly transforms into a dark interpersonal thriller about trauma and isolation in the digital era.


Writers Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, Yash Sahai, and Arjun (story) cleverly include class differences into the narrative. It’s all recognizable, from Adarsh Gourav’s Neil, an ambitious fitness teacher who judges himself for not fitting into the mold, to influencers advertising a lifestyle they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Netflix film Kho Gaye Hum Kahan review: Fascinating if flawed portrayal of  the social media generation

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan makes you conscious of the dangers of social media, often focusing on the hollow views of people who use it to present another version of their lives to the world, and at times even causing you to get anxious about your virtual existence because it is not as real as one would like to believe. Little subtleties in the writing allow the characters to communicate their story more effectively and without becoming overly shallow.


Except for a few rare events, the writing primarily deals with first-world concerns, which, while authentic, are also set in an affluent environment. The plot is vague in parts. Much is left to the audience’s imagination.

Roommates rarely cook or split bills. While some additional details on the co-living scenario would have been helpful, the distressing, mystery-filled treatment overshadows the plot. Each scenario makes you nervous and makes you fear for the worse. The intent is spot on, as are the main character’s performances.

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan review: lost in the malaise • Akhil Arora

What makes the plot more compelling is that the screenwriters refrain from choosing a lecturing approach; no uninteresting speeches are trying to teach you why you should or should not use social media.


The film does not try to present a manual of regulations of do’s and don’ts, but it does pass on a message that acts as an everyday lesson quietly. The film never loses its focus despite being 2 hours and 15 minutes long. Some portions were hurrying and we could have used more context.

Several well-written scenes stand out, including Ahana’s confrontation with her lover, Imaad’s argument with Neil after he pulls on his romantic status for his stand-up set, and Neil’s disappointing moment on Instagram. Imaad’s stand-up acts are genuinely funny with excellent comic timing.

The Performances

Ananya Panday has played the part of Ahana beautifully. She is lively, adventurous, and vulnerable, yet she does not sacrifice her core values. The additional layer to her character offers her plenty of room to perform, especially in the intense scenes. She convinces you to place yourself in her flaws and worries.


Netflix drops trailer for 'Kho Gaye Hum Kahan' featuring Ananya Panday,  Siddhant Chaturvedi

Siddhant Chaturvedi is so smooth and natural on the screen that you almost believe he’s doing stand-up as a side job. He manages to make a strong onscreen presence and does not allow you to be sidetracked. He provides Imaad with an amazing combination of softness and a detached attitude.

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan 2023 Hindi Full Movie 720pAfter his critically lauded performances on the internet, Adarsh Gourav breaks free in Kho Gaye Hum Kahan. He is much more relaxed, at ease, and makes an immediate impression on the audience. Adarsh, possibly the most complex of the three leads, is never exhausted and maintains his composure. He remains with you as he skillfully expresses Neil’s emotional struggle and buried fury.

Final Thoughts

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan Review

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan presents a coming-of-age story in a simple yet effective manner. The storytelling isn’t overly dramatic. The discussions are straightforward and relatable. It is a fresh and frightening modern-day horror film that tries to confront you with the truth. It will make you reconsider posting pointless pictures, stalking your ex, wasting your time on reels, etc.

The emotions depicted differ in nature, but the plot never drifts. If Kho Gaye Hum Kahan is right and a person checks their phone an average of 234 times each day, it’s no surprise that a film like this results in an engaging watching experience on the screen.





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The Best Salman Khan Films of All Time




salman khan films

The Best Salman Khan Films Of All Time

Salman Khan is one of the most popular actors in the Hindi Film Industry. Over the years, he has managed to make really interesting career choices in terms of films and has developed a huge fan following, and become their “Bhai”, as they fondly call him.

Join us today as we try to explore his illustrious career, ranging from incredibly commercial masala films to poignant arthouse masterpieces.

Dabangg (2010)


Talking of action, Dabangg is celebrated for redefining the genre. With a lot of “messy” action scenes the film made popular item numbers and larger-than-life heroic characters who turn around the laws of physics. Dabangg takes full advantage of Khan’s macho persona, even going to insane lengths to make fun of it. The actor portrays Chulbul Pandey, a cop having to deal with a series of accidents that eventually endanger his family.


Panday’s onscreen antics, have to be seen to be believed, and the belt step in the title track became an instant trend, while all these things take priority over Dabangg’s story. The film established Khan as a mass action icon and a poster boy of masculinity, becoming the highest-grossing Bollywood release of the year and winning the Filmfare Award for Best Film. Many have attempted to follow in its approach, but Dabangg remains the pioneer that it is.

Karan Arjun (1995)


Soon after Andaz Apna Apna, another huge Khan connection appeared, this time including Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. The two play the main characters, who are brothers looking for revenge. After Thakur Durjan Singh kills Karan and Arjun, the characters are resurrected. The wide-ranging drama explores themes of vengeance, justice, and familial affection. While the premise may be a little far-fetched, the two Khans’ dedication is mesmerizing.

Salman carries the majority of the film’s action, providing a touch of tenderness to his character that complements the nasty parts. Because of both Khans’ superstar status, Karan Arjun became one of the highest-grossing Hindi films of the 1990s and continues to be an essential of Bollywood’s action genre.


Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

maine pyaar kiya

Khan’s debut film as a starring man remains one of his best. Maine Pyar Kiya serves as both a love story and a family drama. The plot revolves around Prem and Suman’s romance, which is risked by a dispute between their parents. As Prem sets out to establish himself, we follow his efforts to get on his own two feet while trying to be with Suman.

Before becoming recognized for his tough attitude and frightening stature, Khan captivated audiences with an endearing portrayal of a young guy in love. Audiences also praised the overall cast, with most of the performers returning in subsequent films to greater monetary success. Khan especially, steals the show and has us falling in love with him.

Hum Aapke Hain Koun…! (1994)

hum apke hai kon

Hum Aapke Hain Koun is one of the most successful Indian films of all time. It stays with the Nath family once their daughter-in-law, Pooja, arrives to bring them joy. Khan portrays Prem, Pooja’s youngest son who falls in love with her sister Nisha. The first half is full of heartfelt thoughts, good-natured humor, and music-filled scenes.


However, Pooja’s abrupt death represents a significant transition that affects Prem and Nisha’s relationship. Despite the lengthy 199-minute runtime, the film captures viewers’ attention with all of the twists and turns in the heroes’ arcs. Hum Aapke Hain Koun represents the best of Bollywood film, with stunning set pieces, wonderful songs, and Khan’s contagious rapport with Madhuri Dixit.

Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

andaaz apna apna

This screwball comedy introduced the world to Khan’s love of comedy. The duo stars alongside Aamir Khan as two lazy individuals aiming to marry a wealthy woman. Unfortunately, their plan is compromised after they find out that a nasty gangster also intends to do the same. Andaz Apna Apna was a great box office flop, but it has become a cult classic afterward. Fans enjoy the rapport between the two Khans, in addition to the film’s many quotable lines. Salman abandons his normal tough guy persona for a sillier, more endearing portrayal that has lasted over time. It’s a light-hearted watch that’s ideal for belly giggles.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999)

hum dil dechuke sanam

The plot revolves around Aishwarya Rai’s Nandini and is divided into two parts. The first focuses on Nandini and Sameer’s romance, which has been cut short due to opposition from her family. When her new husband finds her affection for Sameer, he is determined to reconcile them. Only a few roles in this love drama required Khan to be as naive as Sameer. The performer evokes compassion from the audience by portraying someone who, despite his good intentions, can’t seem to get a break.


The film was praised for illustrating the various colors of love that people may go through, with each character’s storyline open to viewers. Khan and his co-stars received critical acclaim for nailing emotional notes throughout the film, from the opening to the devastating ending.

Tere Naam (2004)

tere naam

In this romantic melodrama, Khan plays Radhe Mohan, an outlaw who changes his ways after falling in love with Nirjara. Tere Naam was Khan’s return in a truly passionate role. His personality deals with a rough romance, which sparks more trouble and eventually destroys his life. In contrast to most Bollywood films of the time, Tere Naam does not have a happy ending. Instead, audiences are meant to feel the same sorrow that Radhe and Nirjira experience during their relationship. It’s a sad subject that delves into the effects of rash choices, aided by Khan’s portrayal as the primary character. Tere Naam serves as an indicator that the actor surpassed in drama before moving on to the action genre.

Tubelight (2017)

tube light

Laxman Bisht is an ordinary man. Everyone refers to him as “Tubelight” because of his strangeness and his main source of support is his brother, Bharat. When tensions build along India’s border with China, the Indian government calls on youngsters from the surrounding little town of Jagatpur to join the troops and fight for the country. Bharat travels to fight for his nation, putting Laxman in the hands of Banne Chacha. A war is declared on the border, creating a stressful situation across the community. Li Ling and her son Gu Won, a Chinese of Indian descent, arrive in town, and Laxman hopes that loving them will stop the conflict and reunite him with his brother.


Sultan (2016)


Khan’s critical acclaim in the 2010s continues in this sports drama about the main character’s battles for success. Sultan’s ascent as a pehlwani wrestler is cut short when he suffers a devastating personal tragedy. The film doesn’t hold back from depicting the hero at his darkest hour, as all around him crumbles. However, the story picks up when the protagonist rises back on the ground and reclaims his pride. Khan’s portrayal of a very compromised character is amazing in that it causes us to both dislike and cheer for him. While Sultan deserves credit for its spectacular wrestling sequences, the encouraging philosophy of refusing to give up is its strongest selling point.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

Bajrangi bhaijaan

While the actor has been in many emotional films, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is unquestionably the most powerful. Khan plays Pawan, a devoted Indian Hindu who meets a mute Pakistani Muslim girl named Munni. Pawan grows a more accepting, compassionate man as an outcome of Munni’s positive impact. Bajrangi Bhaijaan brings two people from very different origins together in an alternate father-daughter friendship. Of course, Pawan faces numerous challenges in bringing Munni home.

There are as many bitter situations to watch in Bajrangi Bhaijaan as there are good moments. It’s an extremely moving experience that promotes peace among individuals.



Hope you all enjoyed reading the article. For more engaging entertainment and Bollywood Film updates, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.






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10 Upcoming Hollywood Movies in 2024 That Are Worth Waiting For




Top 10 upcoming Hollywood movies

10 Upcoming Hollywood Movies in 2024 That Are Worth Waiting For

Ticking every box of a movie buff’s checklist, Hollywood continues to bring forth cinematic masterpieces time and again. From stories that provoke thoughts and tickle the mind’s imagination profoundly to unthinkable action sequences and mind-boggling cinematography, Hollywood movies are class apart. We dug into the yearly movie calendar & got you the upcoming Hollywood movies that are worth a wait so that you can add them to your watchlist.


……and, action!


Joker: Folie à Deux

Lady Gaga

A character that leaves a lasting impression, Joker, is about to take you on a crazy ride in 2024, but with a mix of music this time. Joker: Folie à Deux is a sequel to the 2019 movie Joker, and it is going to be a musical physiological thriller. This Todd Phillips directorial is a much-awaited Hollywood movie due to Joaquin Phoenix’s magical performance in the previous part and Lady Gaga’s addition to the star cast.

Release Date: October, 2024

Kung Fu Panda 4

kunfu panda 4

The funny & the fantastic Panda is back again with hilarious humour and superlative Kung Fu skills. The previous three parts of this animated movie franchise have been commercial hits, and the expectations are the same for Kung Fu Panda 4. The trailer looks amazing and promises a fun ride of gags, emotions, and action. The film is directed by Mike Mitchell and co-directed by Stephanie Ma Stine.


Release Date: 15th March, 2024

Deadpool & Wolverine


A collaboration that’s worth waiting for – Deadpool & Wolverine promises to be a ride of comedy & breathtaking action. It is intended to be the 34th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be the third in the Deadpool franchise. Emma Corrin will play the lead villain against the two protagonists. The movie’s budget is estimated to be around $250 million.

Release Date: 26th July, 2024 (USA)


Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Godzilla x kong

Just ended up watching the second trailer of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, and the adventure is just on the next level. A team of the two giants fighting with a colossal threat hidden deep within the planet. This movie is going to be a high dose of adrenaline rush powered by its breathtaking VFX and larger-than-life action sequences. Directed by Adam Wingard, the movie has an estimated budget of $210 million.

Release Date: 27th March, 2024

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga


For everyone who loved the raw, crazy, & dusty action & adventure depicted through thought-provoking themes in Mad Max: Fury Road, the prequel to the movie is about to set the cinemas on fire. The trailer gives us a glimpse into an imaginary world full of crazy machines and blood baths set by director George Miller. You will definitely be witnessing the madness at the maximum level.


Release Date: 23rd May, 2024

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes


Seems like 2024 is packed with ultimate VFX-based movies and fantasy stories serving adventure & action. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes goes by its name as it will depict a story where a young ape, 300 years after Caesar’s end, questions everything that has been taught and the due actions will shape the future of apes and the humans too. 

Release Date: 10th May, 2024


Gladiator 2

gladtiator 2

Who wouldn’t wait for a movie that is making a comeback to the silver screen after 23 years? Gladiator was released in 2000 and was both a commercial success and critically acclaimed, raking over $465 million at the box office & 8.5 IMDB rating. Paul Mascel has been roped in to do the lead role as the plot is set in a fifteen years later timezone of the first part. This epic historical drama is directed by Ridley Scott.

Release Date: 22nd November, 2024

The Fall Guy

fall guy

Featuring the dashing Ryan Gosling in the lead role, The Fall Guy is a comedy action movie that revolves around the stuntman Colt Seavers. Directed by David Leitch and written by Drew Pearce, this movie is an adaptation of a TV series of the same name from the 1980s. The movie’s trailer firmly states that it will be a treat for Ryan Gosling’s fans, and the action lovers would also appreciate the craft. As per Wikipedia, Gosling is also associated with the movie as a producer.


Release Date: 3rd May, 2024

Venom 3


After the success of Venom & Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Venom 3 is highly anticipated and a much-awaited movie among Marvel fans. Venom, the superhero character, is loved for his quirkiness and layered personality. Once again, Tom Hardy will play the lead. Hards has co-written the movie with Kelly Marcel, who will also make her directorial debut with this movie. So far, we have no posters or a teaser released but the announcement.

Release Date: 8th November, 2024




Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Damsel is an upcoming American dark fantasy action movie starring Millie Bobby Brown in the lead role. The story revolves around a young woman who agrees to marry a prince only to discover that her new family plans to sacrifice her to shred off an ancient debt. You will get to watch a refreshing take on a fantasy trap & escape theme. Damsel is set for an OTT release on Netflix.

Release Date: 8th March, 2024



Are you going to watch all these upcoming Hollywood movies; because we are & for that, we are diverting our funds to SIP CIP (Cinema Interest Plan).

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