Bollywood Movie Characters Who Inspired Fashion Trends In India

Bollywood Movie Characters Who Inspired Fashion Trends In India

Bollywood has influenced fashion trends in India for decades. From Dev Anand (Heera) in Heera Panna to Kareena Kapoor (Poo) in K3G, many have been adopted from these iconic characters and will surely continue doing so. 

Take a look at some of these evergreen characters and tell us which fashion trends you can’t get enough of in the comments below.

Bollywood Movie Characters Who Inspired Fashion Trends In India

Radhe – Tere Naam


How often have you been referred to as Radhe from Tere Naam? Even girls, when their hair is middle partitioned and oily! Radhe bhaiya made this hairstyle so popular, and we are still not over it.

Everyone from baal kaatne wale bhaiya to college-going boys adopted this hairstyle real quick and made it mainstream in no time. We know that Salman Khan doesn’t even have to try too hard to influence fashion trends in the country.

Geet – Jab We Met


This powerful character taught us the meaning of self-love, happiness, and being apni favourite! Loving fashion and herself was her style that was adopted multiple times over.

That Patiala salwar paired with a long tee and bangles and jooties became a major fashion trend. Apart from that we all crushed on her Patiala suits and updated our wardrobes with long skirts and denim jackets. 

Bunny – YJHD


Bunny showed us the meaning of achieving your goals while living your life to the fullest. His effortless and dashing persona created a buzz all across the country.

His chikankari black kurta, cargo pants, leather, and quilted jackets were soon accepted and embraced among the masses. At a time when men didn’t prefer anything too blingy, he came wearing a silver sequin kurta and established it as a fashion trend. 

Veronica – Cocktail


Deepika Padukone can wear a sack, and it will catch on. Her looks, acting, and fashion has always pushed the bar higher. Veronica, her character in Cocktail, was a fun-loving, party girl who pulled off the diva look in every scene.

After this movie, people could be seen sporting olive t-shirts, Aztec printed skirts, brown shorts, and printed Palazzo pants. Moreover, her smokey eyes and gold sequin dress have become a go-to fashion outfit for cocktail parties.

Jordan – Rockstar


Jordan, the icon of rebellion, has influenced multiple fashion trends worldwide. As he rebels against the system, he stops caring what people think of him and wears what he wants – going grunge, messy, and vagabond.

His long, oversized black kurta, military, and qawwal jacket, and police shirts have become a fashion rage across all genders that refuses to settle down. Moreover, he made chains and guitars the mainstream resistance symbols.

Pooja – K3G


One of the most fashionable characters of the time, Pooja (or Poo) created ripples of excitement around the Bollywood and fashion industry. Her – kon hai ye jisne dobara mud kar mujhe nahi dekha – is still quoted today by fashion divas across the country.

Wearing bralette as a top, shararas, nude lips, animal prints, and chokers were just some of the things that she helped make mainstream. We can’t get over these fashion trends even today.

Kaun hai wo jisne dobara mud k humein nahi dekha? After all, we have all adopted Poo’s bralettes, shararas, nude lips, and animal prints.

Chandni – Mai Hoon Na


This is probably the first and last time a teacher taught us to break the rules. One of the most stylish on-screen teachers, Ms. Chandni, gave us one of those times’ most bold ethnic fashions.

Her flowy chiffon sarees and quirky sleeveless blouses instantly made this iconic look a mainstream fashion statement.

Heera – Heera Panna


Saving the best for the last – Dev Anand! The golden fashion icon of the 90s, he was not only stylish in reel life but also in real life. He was known for color coordinating his outfits while influencing new ones into our wardrobes.

His character, Heera – a fashion photographer, was responsible for setting many fashion trends. His iconic sweater one-shoulder look became a rage and is still copied by many, both on and off-screen – the most famous one being the one SRK donned in Mohabbatein.

These are on the top of the list for us! Have we left any out? Let us know in the comment box below.

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