13 Best TVF Series That You Should Not Miss

13 Best TVF Series That You Should Not Miss

Best TVF series? Well, that’s something very difficult to say. TVF has always been a delightful concoction of creativity, craft, and technicalities. From being a channel on Youtube, TVF has had a journey as beautiful and amazing as its creations. Launched in 2010, TVF was founded by 3 IIT alumni, Arunabh Kumar, Biswapati Sarkar, and Amit Golani, who envisioned creating captivating and interesting content for the young masses. 

Beginning with parodies of popular shows and TV anchors, TVF has grown known for its funny yet valuable productions. Today TVF has over 11 million subscribers and has collaborated with leading streaming brands to deliver some amazing content. Though it’s quite challenging to find the best of TVF, we have handpicked the finest, funniest, most amazing, and some of the best TVF series for you!

13 Best TVF Series That You Should Not Miss

TVF Tripling (IMDb Rating: 8.5)

TVF Tripling: Best TVF Series

This is one of the best TVF series to crack you up with its hilarious circumstantial comedy. Based on the lives of 3 siblings and their adventurous yet unplanned road trip, the TVF Originals has 3 amazing and unique seasons. While the trio deals with new confusion every season, their chemistry stays the same, thus enhancing the beauty of the show.

This show will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride and is a must-watch with your family. You can stream the show on ZEE5.

Hostel Daze (IMDb Rating: 8.5)

Hostel Daze: Best TVF Series

Despite so many shows being made on Hostel life, Hostel daze has stood out with its writing, humor, and perfect multicast. Through the characters of four friends, the TVF Originals portrays the problems in the students’ lives in India. Through humor and a gripping plot, the show addresses some crucial life lessons that will leave a smile on your face.

With 3 seasons premiered, this TVF series can be watched on Amazon Prime Video. Check out the show and relive your Hostel Days!

Permanent Roommates (IMDb Rating: 8.6)

Permanent Roommates: Best TVF Series

This Romcom web series has been one of the first and best TVF series. Created by Biswapati Sarkar and Arunabh Kumar, the series revolves around Tanya and Mikesh, a long-distance couple who are in a dilemma to get married or not.

Released in 2014, this TVF series grew immensely popular for its unique and captivating storyline. Permanent Roommates is a perfect blend of romance along with situational humor that makes it a great watch! This TVF romcom has got two seasons, and you can surely binge-watch them on ZEE5.

SK Sir Ki Class (IMDb Rating: 8.6)

SK Sir Ki Class: Best TVF Series

If you have watched TVF’s Aspirants, one character that intrigued you the most was surely SK Sir. This TVF series can be said to be a sequel to Aspirants which gave SK Sir’s character a viewpoint. His character as a mentor came to the forefront in this show as he guided an aimless student to realize his worth.

This 3-episode TVF series is one of the best productions with Gagan Arora’s fantastic craft and a very intriguing storyline. Go and binge all three episodes that are now out there on Youtube!

Sixer (IMDb Rating: 8.6)

Sixer: Best TVF Series

Creating such a fantastic emotional drama series with gully cricket at the center is undoubtedly possible by TVF. Set in Indore, the story is based on the struggles and trials of a neighborhood cricket team as they play a local yet challenging tournament. This 6-episode show portrays the personal challenges of each player and how they overcome such difficulties to succeed.

The show is one of the best TVF series that not only entertains you with its humor but also enlightens you about life. You can watch this amazing show on Amazon Mini TV for free.

ImMature (IMDb Rating: 8.7)

Immature: Best TVF Series

Being an official selection at The Cannes festival, this TVF Originals is all about the “firsts” in the lives of teenagers. Revolving around 3 teenage guys in their last year of school, ImMature portrays all their fun, thrill, and even heartbreaks. It deals with their mischiefs and mistakes that steadily make them mature in life. The series becomes captivating and intriguing with its humorous and relatable storyline that will surely remind you of your school days. Created by Sameer Saxena, the 3-season TVF series is a fun watch that is currently airing on Amazon Prime Video.

FLAMES (IMDb Rating: 8.9)

FLAMES: Best TVF Series

Based on a tuition romance, Flames is a cute romantic TVF series about Rajat and Ishika and their friends. While the first season encapsulates Rajat and Ishika falling for each other, the next two seasons portray their relationship and career aspirations’ ups and downs. This TVF show is a warm watch that describes a lot about teenage love. This show is available on Amazon Prime Video and is ideal to binge with your partner and feel some butterflies in your stomach!

Panchayat (IMDb Rating: 8.9)

Panchayat: Best TVF Series

With two successful seasons airing on Amazon Prime Video, Panchayat is one of the finest productions of TVF. With the very popular, Jeetu Bhaiya as the protagonist of the series, Panchayat revolves around him being posted as the secretary of a panchayat in a village in Uttar Pradesh. This comedy-drama series became popular among viewers for its simple and humorous storyline portraying people’s daily lives in a remote village.

Quirky dialogues, an amazing cast, and simplicity at its best make this series a delight to watch. If you haven’t watched this show yet, go and enjoy this on Amazon Prime Video.

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Yeh Meri Family (IMDb Rating: 9.0)

Yeh Meri Family: Best TVF Series

With the plot set in 1998, Yeh Meri Family is the ticket for a nostalgic trip for all the 90s kids. The storyline is simple yet gripping as it illustrates a typical Indian family of the 90s from a 12-year-old boy’s perspective. Created by Sameer Saxena, this TVF show has done splendidly with its attention to detail. Each element of the show was according to its time, and nothing went flat with the setting.

With Mona Singh, Akarsh Khurana, and others doing complete justice to the character, every episode of this series will surely leave you with a warm smile. This heartwarming series can be watched on Amazon Mini TV as well as on the TVF Play app.

Kota Factory (IMDb Rating: 9.0)

Kota Factory: Best TVF Series

This TVF series has been the most-watched show! Based on the students of Kota and their aspirations, Kota Factory is the story of every student preparing for competitive exams in India. Through Viabhav and his friends, director Raghav Subbu has perfectly portrayed the struggles and little joys of the students. Here again, Jeetu Bhaiya has played a pivotal role in giving some crucial life lessons that were effective for the characters and the viewers.

As India’s first Black and White web series, the TVF Originals became immensely popular from season 1. Season 1 can be watched on Youtube, while the second season is on Netflix. We also recommend you watch the making of the Kota Factory on Youtube for a more insightful experience.

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Gullak IMDb (Rating: 9.1)

TVF Gullak: Best TVF Series

With numerous nominations and some celebrated Filmfare awards, Gullak is one of the best TVF series created. Directed by Shreyansh Pander, this family-comedy-drama will surely make you nostalgic and your eyes teary. Illustrating the life of a small-town family, Gullak is all about love, fights, and struggles to fulfill dreams and make life joyous. Not only has this show been critically acclaimed, but it has also been loved by viewers primarily for the craft of the actors.

Be it Jameel Khan or Geetanjali Kulkarni or the supporting actors, every actor has perfectly portrayed their respective characters. If you are looking for a heartwarming family drama, Gullak on Sony Liv is surely a must-watch.

TVF Pitchers (IMDb Rating: 9.1)

TVF Pitchers: Best TVF Series

The TVF Originals has been one of the most anticipated web series of 2022. First released in 2015, TVF Pitchers encapsulated the struggles of 4 friends as they established a new startup. Ever since it was released in 2015, this show became the Best TVF Series for its fantastic storyline, catchy dialogues, and the most befitting acting of the cast.

The way the plot unfolds and portrays the twists will make you feel a part of Naveen, Yogi, Mandal and Jeetu’s journey as entrepreneurs. The much-awaiting season 2 is now out, and you can watch the series on ZEE5!

Aspirants (IMDb Rating: 9.2)

TVF Aspirants: Best TVF Series

Based on the lives and struggles of UPSC students in Delhi’s old Rajinder Nagar, TVF’s Aspirants has been one of the most watched and loved series TVF has produced. Directed by Apoorva Singh Karki, Aspirants has perfectly portrayed the struggles and odds every aspirant goes through in achieving their dreams and balancing their relationships.

The storyline, subplots, and production have made this the best TVF series. Naveen Kasturi, Abhilash Thapliyal, Sunny Hinduja, and other actors have done complete justice to their characters making the TVF series major popular among students and other aspirants. This is undoubtedly the Best TVF Series. You can watch this TVF Originals on Youtube anytime!

Let us know in the comments below which is so far your favorite TVF show and which is the best TVF series in your opinion!

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