Notable Quotes From Sex Education Season 4

Notable Quotes From Sex Education Season 4

Sex Education’s 4th and final season is right around the corner, and the anticipation is real. The quotes from Sex Education season 4 haven’t just created a buzz; they reflect the characters and the plotline itself. 

So far, The 3 seasons of Sex Education have given us some of the best characters and some of the most memorable quotes – it could be Jackson announcing, “We are taking over!” or Maeve and her love for “complex female characters”.

Here are some of the quirkiest dialogues and quotes from Sex Education Season 4.

Notable Quotes From Sex Education Season 4

“I live and breathe sex. All day. Everyday”                     

Well, since the show’s teaser promises to be much hotter and steamier than before and loaded with some crazy teen drama, no wonder sex is on the minds of everyone from Moordale Secondary. The “Moordale team” is ready for some action and tension at their new, much more progressive Cavendish College. 

“I am Otis Milburn… I’m with the whole Moordale Secondary team.”

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It’s been almost two years since the last season came out, so here’s a little recap to give you some context. Moordale Secondary was shut down after the “sex school” fiasco and sold to developers. The sixth formers—well, some of them at least—have joined another college to complete their education – and have decided to announce themselves as the Moordale team on arrival. Stay tuned to understand how these two teams mingle among themselves!

“I spend a lot of my free time thinking about sex.”

Name something that better explains this series (and teenage) than this quote from Sex Education Season 4. The show’s been pathbreaking in creating conversations and being informative about sex and sexualities and the conflicts around them that teenagers might go through. We’ve got to buckle up and wait to see what more surprises the final season has in store for us!

“I learned everything about sex from my mum”

As weird as it sounds, this quote from Sex Education season 4 tickles our funny bones and makes people’s heads turn at Cavendish College. If you are a fan of the series, you’d know for sure; if you are new, watch all the previous seasons before they drop the new episodes!

“I am not in a sexual relationship with my mother!”

You probably didn’t think that was a sentence you’d hear. It’s not a Freudian slip if you’re wondering. Otis Milburn is his usual clumsy, weird self, not knowing what to say and messing things up. Thank God he has Eric!

“For Goodness Sake, tell them you’re a sex therapist.”

Told you all to thank God for Eric; he would save Otis every time he says the wrong thing or fumbles at the wrong time. Every introvert deserves an extrovert friend like Eric, who’d just jump in like an angel and save you from embarrassment!

If you, too, like us, have been waiting for Netflix to drop the fourth season, hold on; these quotes from Sex Education Season 4 are just a tiny glimpse into what it will unpack. Get ready for the heat this September 21!

In the teaser for Sex Education Season 4, there is more than meets the eye; if you want a complete breakdown and hint of more upcoming quotes from Sex Education Season 4, watch the trailer here:

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