5 Legendary Dialogues From Bambai Meri Jaan Web Series

5 Legendary Dialogues From Bambai Meri Jaan

Amazon Prime Video is all set to release a nail-biting thriller this September. The story, casting, and dialogues from Bambai Meri Jaan web series are all just bang on. It has moral conflicts, family drama, awesome action sequences, and some romance that will make it a promising show you can’t help but binge. The 10-episode series also has some top-notch actors and is set in the lanes of 60s Mumbai.

Read on to find out how the dialogues from Bambai Meri Jaan series capture the bigger picture and manage to go beyond the characters and their journey.

5 Legendary Dialogues From Bambai Meri Jaan Web Series

Qainaat ka nizaam hai, burai bhi achchhai se paida hoti hai.

This one of the legendary dialogues from Bambai Meri Jaan web series talks about good and evil, the battle between them. We all bet on the victory of good over evil. The struggle is as old as we can remember. Legends talk about how humans have both good and evil in them, and it is up to them to choose what they lean towards. For some people, though, the choices aren’t black and white.

Because, more often than not, the lines between these are too blurry. Many of the show’s characters – as you would know from the many dialogues of Bambai Meri Jaan – are walking these blurred lines – choosing their good and their evil. 

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Legendary Dialogues From Bambai Meri Jaan

Shaitaan ko bhi uparwaale ne paida kiya tha.

We are all a creation of the cosmic events of this universe. The morals tell us the difference between the good and the bad. What it doesn’t tell us, however, is that they are the head and tail of the same coin.

Some choose a skewed path to get to the ultimately good intention, and some people do the reverse. So, yes, just as the universe makes the good, is the evil.

Sheher saaf karte karte, mera ghar ganda ho gaya.

The dialogues in Bambai Meri Jaan series never fail to point towards the internal dilemma of the various characters, the central conflict being that between a father who’s a man of integrity and morals and his son, deep into the underworld. Nothing highlights the inner turmoil better than this one dialogue. You know the show will be great the moment you hear Kay Kay Menon say this in the trailer.

Legendary Dialogues From Bambai Meri Jaan

Har faisle ki ek keemat hoti hai, aur wo keemat isi zindagi mein chukani padti hai.

You know when we are told to choose wisely? We need to weigh our options before we make an important decision. This may be why. A young man lifts a dead body as we hear a woman’s voice utter these words. So, while the series is about the rise of a gangster and is filled with considerable gore and action, it does not, at any point, fail to shed light on the consequences of one’s actions.

While the mafias and the goons take over the city of Mumbai, the makers also show what wrath that might bring upon them or their loved ones.

Jo tune aag lagai hai na Dara, jehunnum ki aag hai, hum sabko jala ke raakh kar degi.

While the plot is a lot about the underworld and how they fight amongst themselves and with the police to get control over the city to spread terror, it will also have some beautiful character arcs.

Bambai Meri Jaan web series has dialogues that hit just the right spot, like a father telling his son about Karma and how it gets everyone in the end—or just exploring this father-son relationship built on completely different sets of beliefs of the two. 

So, buckle up and prepare for some thrill, drama, and action this September 14th on Amazon Prime Video.

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